Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Detailed result of Hunza by-election





2 thoughts on “Detailed result of Hunza by-election

  1. the PML(N) and its family-cult-politics is a wide spread characteristic in every parts of the country and its tentacles in the shape of Shah Saleem Khan should not be surprise. The political life system goes this way in larger part of this Pak Land and same in this rustic side too.It will keep recurring the way it is happening so long there is lukewarm interest in parha likha( educated) hunzayates and gojalites. Even there is dichotomy in the single vein of every educated locals-one is of common enlightened and modernity thrust wishing for a visionary scholastic leader to be their face in the assembly but in same vein runs linguistic and tribal cult preferential biases come occasions such as elections etc.

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