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Central mosques sealed, ASWJ leader put under “house arrest”

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Gilgit, April 16: The GB government and security forces have sealed two central mosques in Gilgit city. The Shia and Sunni communities have been asked to either replace the Central Khateebs, or assure the government in writing that the mosques will not be used for spreading messages of hate. Leader of Tanzeem Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamat and Khateeb of the Jama Masjid has also been placed under house arrest.

Both the Shia and Sunni communities have protested against the sealing of the central mosques. Government maintains that the step had to be taken because the mosques have been misused in the past, an allegation both communities negate.

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  1. Illegal and propogation of hate for others and such other activities should be banned instead of Mosques. Sealing Mosques is not going to work out rather it would stimulate hate among us.
    Save Gilgit

  2. Peace cannot be restored by sealing worship places, which means of disrupting beliefs of common man. But replacement of the khateebs can be a good gesture. Because so far we have listen to so called religious leaders/khateeb of madrassas, and current situation is unwanted gift from them and outcome of their sermons/khutbas. So only educated khateeb can overhaul this situation. We must have khateebs who promote peace through their Khutba. Educate people about tolerance and harmony. A scholar should be appointed by the government to lead each community under AWQAF Board. In the AWQAF Board a body should be constituted with the representation of each sect to regulate Khutbas and Sermons. The members must be locals from Gilgit Baltistan. They will write khutba for Juma and Eid prayers. This body also decides where to build a mosques or worship places and also recommend to the government about building Madrassa. They will also decide whether to allow preachers from other part of country or from another country. So a complete system could be developed to restore peace and brotherhood in Gilgit Baltistan.
    Secondly the khateeb must be holding a PhD or Masters Degree in Islamic History/Islamic Civilization from reputed university to lead the community. Once we get educated people onboard then peace and harmony will come to our way and tolerance gets growing.
    Because shutting down the mosques is not a long lasting solution.

  3. عبادت خانوں میں تالے دہشت کردی کا مستقل حل نہیں ہے۔ لیکن اس سے خوں و خرابہ رکنے کا امکا ں ہے تو درست ہے

  4. We the muslims of Pakistan really could not understand the law of nature. What is law of nature? has to be understand.Every body knows that there is a Creator of universe,Who controls each and every thing which retains its existance.Not a single object can move without His will & wish. Every thing which has existance is under His complete command.

    Like other living things, we the humanbeings are also under the great command of Almighty God.What ever is in us,is gift of God.Our body,soul,intelect,power of thinking,moving,talking,seeing,sensing,sleeping, dreaming, struggling for survival,all due to His blessings. Why we don’t want to understand the will and wish of Almighty God? His will and wish is simply to bless human-beings. He also wish us to live and let live.We should not harm each other.We should spend our lives in an environment of humanity & brotherhood. Struggle to comfort others , live for others and secrifice own desires for others. The definition of a muslim is to protect others from one’s hands and tongue. A muslim is a person who acts according to the will and wish of the God.
    I appeal to the ullema of our society to kindly teach the muslims accordance with the true sprit of Islam.

    God help all those who work for peace and harmony in such harsh and difficult hours.Aameen.

    Jehangir Shah

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