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Pictorial: Inside and around the DHQ Hospital Gilgit

The District Headquarters Hospital Gilgit is probably the largest medical care facility in the entire Gilgit-Baltistan region. It caters to thousands of patients everyday, some coming from villages and valleys from very backward areas.

The quality of services provided at the hospital is highly questionable, as elaborated in this photo essay. All photographs were shared by Mon Digital.

The X-Ray room of DHQ Gilgit is in a shabby condition. The ceiling is falling off, the walls are cracked and there is garbage all around. Photo: Mon Digital
The pharmacy is empty, save for a couple of boxed filled with smaller boxes, having little or no medicine. Photo: Mon Digital/Pamir Times
Front portion of the emergency ward’s casualty department is being used for parking bikes, despite of official ban. Photo: Mon Digital/Pamir Times
The toilets are messy and filled with filth, completely unhygienic and unfit for human beings. Photo: Mon Digital/Pamir Times
Used bedding material are littered around the hospital, creating risk for spread of diseases. Photo: Mon Digital/Pamir Times
A dental machine which is out of order for months. Photo: Mon Digital/Pamir Times

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  1. This is the shameful face of this govt. how can expect that we will get health facilities in Gojal. Where are the billions of rupees the govt has invested during the last three years. It is very much evidence of corruption.

  2. Unfortunately, it’s only one picture, but looking a little deeper will show the ugliest parts of its mismanagement, nepotism, corruption which lead this hospital to this its worst situation. This summer I happened to visit a dental clinic in UK. I could not believe its cleanliness and professional standards of care. One of our students had a severe tooth ache. On visiting the dentist it raveled that his tooth is completely decayed. In Pakistan, I am sure a dentist without wasting any time would have taken out this decayed tooth forever. To our surprise this UK dentist declared that he cannot take out the tooth of the child as per law. He can only work on its conservation and he did the same so beautifully & professionally. Further; he gave very helpful guidelines & steps to be taken for the proper conservation of his tooth.
    From all this action I felt the deep sense of responsibility of that dentist, that what we are missing as a society.

  3. District Headquarter Hospital, Hospital was established before independence and is supposed to be the referral hospital for all the districts of Gilgit-Baltistan province.Northern Areas health project was launched in early 2000 to improve the infrastructure , diagnostic facilities and professional skills ,but unfortunately GB had lost the opportunity because of lack of vision and incompetent leadership. The multimillion $ project was funded by World Bank and to my knowledge not a single $ was spent on human resource development ,because there is no kickback in professional development.New hospital was constructed in Chilas without planning and equipped with latest equipment but no professional expertise and the million dollar equipment is rusting in different hospitals of GB. Dr.Liaquat Ali Khan the only qualified radiologist of GB was declined to appoint in GB health department and currently working as consultant radiologist in United Kingdom.The laparoscopic equipment remained underutilized for > 8 years until I trained surgeons from DHQ in AKUH and initiated laparoscopic surgery in 2008.
    This reflects on our sincerity and commitment to provide quality health care to the people of the region.At the same time one can see the same or worst pictures in most of the hospitals in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
    We should salute the professionals, those who have strong commitment and providing
    Optimal care in a very fragile environment and limited resources.During my stay in GB I was given the privilege to work with my surgical colleagues in DHQ Hospital, Gilgit on voluntary basis and the experience was amazing. The great surgeon Dr.Shakoorullah Baig who is no more with us is always a source of inspiration to me. I learned professional commitment , devotion and above all humanity from late Dr.S.U.Baig ; who demised while serving the people of GB without ethic and religious discrimination.

    Dr.A.Rehman Alvi FRCS, FCPS
    Director Post-Graduate Education,
    Associate Professor and Consultant Surgeon
    Aga Khan University Hospital,Karachi

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