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Leaders in Gilgit-Baltistan are inexperienced, have a lot to learn: Wazir Baig

Wazir Baig addressing the gathering held in connection with World Food Day

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, October 16: “Elected leaders of Gilgit-Baltistan, including myself, lack experience and exposure. With the passage of time they will learn the art of governance and the system will improve.”

These views were expressed by GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, at a ceremony held here in connection with the World Food Day. He said that there is rampant corruption in different departments and some of the ministers and elected members of GB are using their authority to induct their kith and kin at official positions. He also alleged that millions are being embezzled.

He hoped that the next government will be formed by more educated people, having more experience and exposure of democratic governance, who will improve the governance system.

Food stalls during the ceremony

GBLA speaker also came down hard on “influential people”, accusing them of taking huge loans and not paying it back. He said that stubbornness and dishonesty of some people is creating difficulty for the resource-less peasants who are unable to benefit from financial institutions.

Wazir Baig further said that the issue of food shortage can be overcome by enhancing productivity of the available land and by investing in newer technologies. He said that people in Europe and the Americas have overcome the issue of food scarcity by enhancing their scientific knowledge and putting it to use for benefit of the communities. He urged the younger generations to get engaged in research in the field of agriculture and food production.

An exhibition had also been held as part of the World Food Day celebrations, in which around 36 different stalls had been set up, to show the variety of food produced in Gilgit-Baltistan. Baig also distributed prizes among the exhibitors. The programme had been organized by the GB Food and Agriculture Department.

3 thoughts on “Leaders in Gilgit-Baltistan are inexperienced, have a lot to learn: Wazir Baig

  1. Agri Deptt’s initiative of commemorating such an important day is much appreciated. The region cultivates less than 1% of its land resources, which is a real concern, as it can’t sustain to feed the ever growing mouths, both inland and from outside, for longer. A number of projects were/are carried out for agri development but the end result-outcome- is rarely visible, let alone the impact on the poverty persisting generation after generation.

    The region needs a comprehensive vision for the agricultural development, wherein public and private sectors should join hands with the farming community to devise plans and programmes in an integrated fashion. In recent history, only those projects were successful in bringing the change, which had a participatory approach in their development activities, mainly in the decision making process and inclusiveness of the women – the largest contributing segment to the sector.

    The region is deficit in producing food items particularly wheat. Over dependance on subsidized supply of wheat from other parts of country has led the region to loose its capacity to produce and thus suppressing its potentials in production and productivity. There is no dearth of water and land resources in the region. Government with the support from donors and the beneficiary communities may launch irrigation and land development programmes to bring under command new cultivable lands. But for this sincere efforts by honest and visionary leadership and dedicated workers with tireless commitment are needed, which is a distant hope…..

  2. Respected speaker sab ! No body is perfect in this world execpt God. The question here is not being capable or not incapable. The main problem is dishonesty, unaccountability and unjustice is flourishing due to governing authorities, whether those are professional officers or politically leaders.

    It is a good thing that food department has managed a seminar for sensitization amongst the community regarding agriculture and food
    production enhancement.

    Last three years I am following a case of 622 house holders of marganlized group. The food department had distributed the ration for locals at this ratio:
    For 300 house holders they were giving 300 sacks (100 KG)
    while for 622 house holders were given 280 Sacks instead of 622.
    Still this going on while two food secretaries have directed the relevant Director and CSO to distribute equally. All these things shows not inexperienced this is the result of over and much experience.

    One of Director told me though Secretary has written to solve the issue but this is pakistan and will take months and years to address such types of issues.

    This is the situation of human rights violation and the other sides we are arranging seminars to convince the people that we are making progress and we have our own government.

    So far these poor families have lost more than one hundred million to get the ration from bazar. While the other side food department is announcing we have added 3 lac sacks of wheat for Gb. It means they are keen to give more to their favourite or relatives or mill owners by getting more quota from Government.

    It has come to our notice that Chief secretary has started to take interest in streamlinning the systems and visiting offices to ensure effectiveness and efficency of staff. It is a good sign . This will be our earnest desire that each and every official should be honest and accountable in his task and office. Still we are listening that jobs are sold it means from day one an official stats his career from corruption and dishionesty. He or she does not care and honour the meritocratic society. Speaker sab be sure all of you will have to b accountable in this world and hereafter as well. This is the good thing that you have started to highlighting the issues and discouraging the corrupt elements. But we want practicality how many corrupt officals were fired or suspended or degraded. Still it needs to work more on developing a reform and civilzed society.

    Ali mehr
    Social activist

  3. Being a part of Gov’t Mr. Baig’s comments I qoute:
    “He said that there is rampant corruption in different departments and some of the ministers and elected members of GB are using their authority to induct their kith and kin at official positions. He also alleged that millions are being embezzled”. Unqoute:
    I am not familiar to Mr. Baig only thing I know about him is, he is Speaker of GBLA and belong to PPP.His comments here showing courage for saying the truth. I hope and expect that he will take further steps to support the cause of truth and will bring those dirty elments to light who are contaminating our socity by their dirty actions and by misusing of their authority.

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