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Rifts appear in Gilgit-Baltistan government

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Islamabad, October 21: A war of words, at times open and at times between the lines, has started between cabinet members of the Gilgit-Baltistan government and the Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah.

The situation came to surface after senior minister, Muhammad Jafar, Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar and Local Bodies Minister, Muhammad Ismail, reportedly met Faryal Talpoor in Karachi and raised severe objections against the CM, according to multiple reports.

The three cabinet members, reportedly, told the sister of President Zardari, who holds a sway over party affairs, that workers are not happy with the chief minister and that their issues are not being resolved. According to some reports Faryal Talpoor has also said that she has herself received complaints against the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan and several key ministers within the cabinet.

The allegations of fiscal fraud, nepotism and involvement in other illegal activities have marred the PPP government’s image in the whole region.

Allegations of corruption in Food Ministry, Education Ministry, Works Ministry and other key departments are talk of the town. The bad image has adversely affected morale of the party workers who lambasted party leaders recently during a gathering held recently to remember victims and survivors of the Karsaz attack.

The GB government is being accused of selling jobs openly for 3-5 lakh rupees. MLA Nawaz Khan Naji has said that he will present proof of corruption in Education Ministry to NAB and FIA. Similar claims have also been made by leaders of different opposition parties, including Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman.

Demands for probe against minister and GBLA members for finding out facts about the allegations of misappropriation of funds and illegal appointments are being made across the region.

In these circumstances, the Public Accounts Committee has been dysfunctional for long and the Courts are without judges.

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