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Delete the hate messages received through cellular networks: IG Usman Zakaria

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, December 5: The Inspector General of police, Usman Zakaria, has urged the public, especially the youth, to avoid forwarding of hateful messages sent through SMS. He has said that defeating the unscrupulous elements is possible if the youth and others refrain from forwarding misleading and hateful messages.

 Hate messages shared through SMS are adding fuel to the fire and may lead to deterioration of the situation, if not controlled.

6 thoughts on “Delete the hate messages received through cellular networks: IG Usman Zakaria

  1. IGP sab ! You are absolutely right. Thanks for sensitization of youth and taking interest in mentoring the new generation.

  2. WORD AND DEED:It is amazing to know about the CM’s comment and secrecy of the situation created by the administration in term of hostage of IG Usman Zikria and his release.It looks a game to check the temper of the community and also their responses..our expectation from the current setup is honestly dealing of the situations and ensure peoples safety and protraction with out any favour to keep peace and harmony in the area. we have bitter experiences of such situation in Hunza by killing two innocent father and son. it may not be repetited.

  3. Good move, but PTA can banned on hateful messages against Zardari and Rehman Malik then why not on religious hatred messages . Due to these hatred messages Chillas incident took place. We all should stand with IG.

  4. If IG can not protect himself, and asks army for rescue him how he will protect us. Usman Zakaria you failed and you don’t have any moral right to wear that uniform. We need some one who can exercise the law to protect peoples lives and property with out any discrimination, bending over and negotiating with criminals is not going to bring peace in the region.

  5. Fazel sab ! you are well familiar with Win Win approach of highly effective people. This is greatness of IGP that he took the situation in perception. He can send the local DSPs or SPs to handle the situation. As he was familiar with the intensity of situation and he had devotion with people and area that is why he went there to negotiate the people. Positive thinking and behaviour is appreciated and praised at every stage. If he looses his temper definitely there may be clash between government and strikers and ultimately loss had to be common whether it would be from Govt. side or community side. I read in the news paper to saying that Al madad welfare organization and elite played their role to normalize the situation.If it is so it is good at the same time they should also confess and apologise that they hurted whole gbians and became the cause of defame of area. No any sincere officer would be ready to work in the area. No body can protect to himself it is the society or law which can provide protection and right to respondent. The strikers have not kept Usman zekeria in hostage they had kept the chief security officer of 1.24 million GBIANS. Pressure or shooting is not only the ultimate and durable solution of any clash or conflict.

    We expect that such types of bad examples should not be repeated from any area which destroys the causes of GB and deteriorate the image of GBIANS.

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