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Mehdi Shah orders judicial inquiry into the December 12 violence

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, December 15: The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah has ordered judicial inquiry into the violence on December 12 in which 2 people, including a police official, were killed and several others were injured.

He issued the order today while talking to the Home Secretary at the Gilgit camp office. The CM said that those responsible for the violence should be brought to justice.

2 thoughts on “Mehdi Shah orders judicial inquiry into the December 12 violence

  1. No one trusts such fictitious Inquiry reports. What happened to the so called judicial Inquiry report of Aliabad incident of August 11, 2011, as almost one and half years past.

  2. Beneficiaries of the Game
    After analyzing the historical and other factors facilitating the sectarian clashes in GB, one must question and enlist the beneficiaries of the Game.
    The Religious Leader, he gets the command of masses, he is a hero, all the funds, donations are collected and distributed by him for the holy war, he recruits his own force, the Government machinery is now under his command, his interviews and statements are the coverage of media, the senior Government officials wait for his signals, Government officials of his own sect becomes his obedient servants. Extra Police guard deployed at his residence. He is no more a “Mulivi” of a mosque.
    The Mafia. They get the benefit of doubt; they flourish their activities during tense situation due to divert attention of law- enforcing agencies. Weaponry Mafia explore new markets, supply and demand graphs touches the highest point, even the back lock and rejected weapons are sold at high price. Timber and narcotics Mafia gets the opportunity of paying “Battha” only at one window, instead paying at six to seven check posts. The land Mafia gets the chance and benefit of preplanned destruction and burning of record rooms with malafide intentions.
    The bureaucrats. Development funds are used for law-enforcement activities without any check and balance. Lower staff of all Government departments avail long leave and they get their booty and monthly pay at their doorstep.
    Law Enforcing Agencies. Local police joins and helps their respective sect. Frontier Constabulary avails the opportunity of helping the Mafias and their deployment to GB is considered equivalent to posting to a foreign country. A foot soldier of Armed Forces and other law-enforcing agencies get Rs 300 to 250 per day and higher ranks 1000 to 500 as IS duty allowance.
    Local Police. Head Constables/ASI’s recruited during Ijlaly Dour are promoted to highest rank with- out their professional capacity building. Inefficiency is considered hindrance while performing duties, which force them to become most obedient servants of KANA/bureaucracy.

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