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GB government seeks Islamabad’s help to control hate content on social media

The hate-networks are highly integrated and use multiple platforms
The hate-networks are highly integrated and use multiple platforms

Special Correspondent 

Gilgit, January 2: The Giglit-Baltistan government has requested the federal government to control hate content on social media, circulated through Facebook, SMS (Cellphones), Twitter and other networks.

The decision has been taken in view of exponential increase in the amount of highly offensive, abusive and hateful content, mostly sectarian in nature, being mass circulated, especially among the youth.

A number of popularly known webpages, facebook pages and twitter accounts are being managed by different groups, having significant following. The hate messages are simultaneously being posted through multiple accounts on different networks for the past several months.

The managers of such hate-hubs have been operating with complete impunity mostly because the GB government has almost no capacity to manage or monitor web-based media. The inefficiency of the government is also proven by the fact that the government’s web portal ( has been down for almost six months.

The mass circulated hate messages being circulated on the social media has the potential to trigger violence in the short run and to cement animosity and hatred in the long run.

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  1. It is democratic right of citizen to criticize on performance, Govt should consider as precious feedback from public in order to rectify the mistakes made in past…

  2. unfortunately our leaders instead of tracing out the root cause of the problem they start querelling with it which is at any cost not a right approach.instead of putting ban on the social media network, the inefficient puppet govt should trace out those people who are spreading hatred data and they should be dealt with iron hands..putting ban on social media network is not a wise decision at all

  3. To my understanding there is an obvious difference between positive critic and misuse of electronic media to spread hate among the communities or to support terrorism and extremist ideology.Even in West there is an established ethical guidelines and extreme punishment for those who violate the principles.There should be stric watch on the hate related networks to avoid avoid further disintegration of society.

  4. Government should be suspended these hateful content in GB. This is the an apple of discord in GB…….

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