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Gojal: Pillars of “Friendship Bridge” have resurfaced


Gulmit, February 10Pillars of an under-construction bridge connecting Gulmit and Shishkat village in the Gojal Valley, upper Hunza region, have almost resurfaced.

The bridge had been caused to submerge in the dammed Hunza River, after the 4th January landslide at Attabad village.

The Frontier Works Organization had recently released water from the dammed river after excavating the debris

Photographs from 2010 
The photographs posted below were taken in the month of April, when the dammed river was expanding towards Gulmit.

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  1. we want this lethargic and irresponsible government to take immediate action. The PPP Government is a complete failure and those who support it either unknowingly or knowingly are betraying their brothers who are suffering and have lost everything. WE WANT IMMEDIATE ACTION.

  2. we will face more troubles if the water level is reduced and crossed the old sunk bridge, because in that case public will be stuck at Shishkat, even will not be able to cross the distance from Shishkat to Gulmit because the old bridge is already sunk, the new one is under construction, let see how the govt manages it

  3. can anybody further update? if this is the latest update then the water level in gulmit,gulkin and Husaini area should have been back to its original position?if possible Pamir Times kindly upload some latest snaps, i am really exited to see this.

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