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PMLN’s victory in national election celebrated in Gilgit-Baltistan

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, May 12: The supporters of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) are celebrating the victory of their party in the national election 2013. Rallies, dance and fireworks marked the celebrations of the PMLN supporters, who came out on the roads today in large numbers.

Celebrations were also seen in Aliabad (Hunza-Nagar) and other parts of the region.

Addressing the party workers and supporters in Gilgit Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman, Chief Organizer of PMLN said that the people of Pakistan have made a wise decision by choosing PMLN to lead the country. He congratulated the voters for making the right decision.

Later the party workers rallied in the city on cars, carrying flags and raised slogans in favor of the PMLN leadership.

6 thoughts on “PMLN’s victory in national election celebrated in Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Lets see what PML-N can do for the Gilgit Baltistan.I heard nawaz sharif some where in a speech while addressing to to the GBians he said he will give them full rights, and will make GB the fifth province of Pakistan.
    Lets hope for a better future.Fingers crossed!

  2. پیگانے کی شادی میں گلگیتی دیوانے
    Begani ke shadi mine Gilgity Dewani

  3. Prior to this we had often mentioned that GBIANS praise and applause all National leaders who had shown their great devotion and commitment with GB. The name of Sharif brethren are also top of the list due to to their selfless services for Gb in allocating professional seats in Punjab medical colleges, Extending help the Atta abd and giyari sector , fee remission , providing laptops for GBIANS while our own GB self government could not do so. Such types of their past self less services reflects their great devotion with GB. It is hoped now they would provide the GBIANS constitutional rights as well. We extend our warmest congratulation to Sharif bratheran on their marvellous achievement in election. We also expect with GB based PMLN leaders HafizUr rehman, Ghulam Muhammad , Sultan madad, Malik maskin, Fida Nashad and sultan Madad and Mir ghazanfer to work more for elimination of corruption and helped the current Govt. to eradicate social evils and bad governance. All leaders whether those are in Govt or in opposition should play their role to strengthen GB through Good governance and service delivery. Our former chief secretary salim sajjad hotiana has initiated revolutionary steps to streamline the systems through proper mentoring and monitoring. we also expect with new chief secretary that he would also continue the best practices of Sliam sajjad hotiana sab and ensure the proper service delivery through various Govt. departments. We also expect with Chief secretary sab to ensure GB a corruption free Govt.

  4. ab teri kya hoga……. cm……..speaker …governor ………etc……………………

  5. Dear Ali mehr U r right…!
    Aur kuch ni hua to Matric pass ko TUGT BPS-14 Lagany walun ko punishment milegi..!

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