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“Excavation of Attabad spillway completed”, claims FWO

A view of the spillway on 5th June, 2013
A view of the spillway on 5th June, 2013

Gilgit: The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has claimed that excavation of the spillway of the dammed Hunza River near Attabad has been completed. Briefing the media in Gilgit, FWO media manager has reportedly said that the targets given to them by the government have been achieved. “327 houses have resurfaced from the lake, the Gulmit-Shishkat bridge has resurfaced completely, while around 400 acres of land has also resurfaced due to the excavation carried out by FWO”, the media manager told the media, counting the “successes”.

He also said that the three men of FWO, including Col. Arif Mehmood, embraced martyrdom while working on the spillway.

“While the target given by the government has been achieved successfully, we will continue working till next year to further lower the water level in the dammed river”, he said.

It is pertinent to note that the FWO had been contracted to lower the water level in the dammed river by 30 meters (almost 98 feet).

In the past the local people have contradicted the claims made by the FWO above progress and pace of work in the disaster hit Gojal valley. A group of the disaster affected people had also registered a case against the FWO and NHA in a court in Gilgit, accusing the two organizations of making the people of Gojal Valley suffer by not performing well.

Local people have demanded that the claims of FWO should be verified by independent means, to find out the real impact of the huge investment made by the state during the last three years.

“We highly respect and honour the martyrs who laid down their lives to help us get out of the disaster”, a local notable who did not want to be named told Pamir Times. “However, we have the right to know the real impact of the work and for that to happen the civil society needs to get active”, he added.

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  1. First of all we give respect and honour to the Martyers who laid down their lives working on the spillway, may Allah rest their souls in eternal peace, but honestly speaking there is consparicy to dealy the construction work and create more problems to the sufferd people of Gojal Uper Hunza It made their lives horriable, NHA is on the top in this case they misused the grant for the constrution and even not paid the compansation.

  2. thanks a lot FWO ( fraud working organization) for being with us. what do u know think that we are fools all there with 100 percent of literacy rate. each child in HUNZA knows the great game. how much funds you (FWO) got in the last couple of years in the name of Atabad disaster. ,, ,, ,, as your moto says (striving for excellence) lol

  3. May Allah destroyed resent Govt of GB specially Mehdi Shah who is internally happy due to effeteness of Gojal. still there is no any progress…………….

  4. the “Worst and Failed Organization” FWO, Thanks for your corruption in three years.

  5. Time and again we have disclosed the great conspiracy about the contract agreement signed with FWO by NDMA. It is very much clear that the top management in WAPDA, and NDMA are retired military officers and it was for their best interest to accept the bid of FWO as everyone knows that all these elements are part of this military bases blackmailing agency and getting financial benefits directly or indirectly. If someone looks to the meeting minutes it is very much clear that no any conditions have been set so far and no time period has been fixed and the contract have been given on continues working basis as FWO started this project without any formal approval and on emergency basis.The public and state losses in term of properties, lands, business structures, road, bridges and sufferings of people for coming years and years are not part of the contract. China and USA who have comparatively higher bid but the period of completion of this project could have saved billions of rupees of public and state losses when the project could have given to these countries.Now ultimately the lives and properties of public is on stake and God knows how and when they will be compensated. The USAID donations for business structures has already shifted to Punjab by NDMA. As per the state properties are concern, as usual Pakistan Govt has submitted proposal to China for help and reconstruction of Attabad portion because Pakistan knows that China will never keep this portion incomplete for long time and will help Pakistan by all means as China has already invested a huge amount on KKH rehabilitation project (Khunjerab – Raikot Bridge) and China has to start realignment of KKH at Diamer Bhasha Project area very soon.The complete failure of our GB Assembly, political leaders, local leadership of Hunza/Gojal further vanished the possibilities of public voice against this conspiracy as from day one the public voice were oppressed by GB govt by all means. The Attabad disaster was a test case for the people of Gojal and unfortunately as a nation we failed and proved that we are vision less,divided, helpless, political orphans and selfish people. We always depend on others to resolve our issues and keep silent in all situations.It is time to think about our future in this prevailing local, regional and international situations.

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