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Police arrest a man who raped a 7 year old child

Tahir Rana

Gilgit: Police have arrested a man named Siraj for raping a seven year old child in the limits of Rahimabad Police Station.

According to details, police officials found a seven years old girl in unconscious condition near a road close to the Rahimabad village in Gilgit district. She had allegedly been raped by a man named Siraj, who is now under police custody.

Police sources informed that the arrested man has confessed that he raped the seven year old child.

The local people have demanded severe punishment for the criminal.

The incidence of sexual assaults on women and rape is on the rise in Gilgit-Baltistan. Last month two men confessed raping a child in a village in the Skardu district.

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  1. Unfortunately such crimes are committed by drug user(s). A sensible person, however, would think about the repercussions, at least, twicely, while doing such genocide and hatred act of humanity. The drug user(s) is very high and on the rise, but at an alarming stage nowadays in Gilgit-Baltistan. Its dire need of the hour to curb such activities of genocide with the help of civil society activists, women volunteers and elites of the society. Seven years old girl, a flower, my heart bleeds with sorrow, and I am ashamed of such human-being. We request the authorities concerned to try such person(s) under the Anti-Terrorism Act and an exemplary punishment be awarded, if found guilty.

  2. This man should b hanged,but i know nothing will happen and he will b free soon –we are not a nation we are a crowd no law exists here what a sorry state of affairs.

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