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Zafar Iqbal elected Chairman of Sost Dry Port Trust

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Gilgit, August 18: Renowned bureaucrat and former MD of NATCO, Zafar Iqbal, has been elected as Chairman of the Sost Dry Port Trust today. He won 155 votes while Darvesh Ali, the second strongest candidate, got 119 votes, during the port’s elections held today in Sost.

Abdul Rauf was elected the Vice Chairman of the Port, from among three candidates, getting 188 votes. Eleven (11) Directors of the port, including two women, were also elected.

It is pertinent to note that the Trust’s Chairman, by constitution, is appointed as the Vice Chairman of Pak-China Sost Dry Port Company.

Zafar Iqbal MD Natco GB

The election of Zafar Iqbal as Chairman of the Port Trust, and in effect VC of the Joint Venture Company, has been hailed by public circles and it is being hoped that he will use his managerial and leadership abilities to transform the port into an international hub of business and trade.

The Sost port has the potential to serve as a major trade hub for China and the Central Asian Republics (CARs). However, due to  political meddling and non-professional handling the port has not been able to perform well in the past.

While Pakistan and China negotiate the construction of rail link between the two countries, the port was in need of a capable leadership which is not only able to safeguard and promote the interests of the shareholders, but also the local community.

In the past, the port’s authorities have used their position to gain loans worth millions of rupees, mortgaging the port’s land and other properties.

Zafar Iqbal replaces Ali Afsar, the outgoing Chairman of the Port Trust, who had become the Chairman after winning a legal and political battle against Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan and several members of his family.

15 thoughts on “Zafar Iqbal elected Chairman of Sost Dry Port Trust

  1. Congratulations to Mr.Zafar Iqbal on winning the presidential race of Sost Dry Port Company and great achievement by the runner-up candidate Mr.Darwesh on securing 119 votes.The shareholders in particular and people of the region in general will benefit from the experience and leadership of Mr.Zafar and Mr.Darwesh will cooperate with the new team to achieve the objectives of the company. Dr.A.Rehman Alvi

  2. Many Congratulations Mr Zafar Iqbal.We hope under your leadership this organization will progress and will be a Business Junction between many countries and this is a good platform for you to perform and for those who have got the opportunity to serve the public.We wish you best of Luck for your future endeavours .



  3. I am personally very happy to know that Mr. Zafar Iqbal is elected as Chairman of Sost dry Port, and I am congratulate on his success, for sure this will be turning point for the trust and Pak China dry Port Company, and the people of Hunza/Gojal looking to resolve very complicated issue in this project regrading the management, documentation, agreements and finance in the company,

    Ali Asghar, Sost

  4. Warmest felicitation on electing as the Chairman of SRDPT, your leadership and managerial skills are exemplary. It is hoped that you will bring all your experiences and skills into play and will transform this organization into a successful and profitable organization like NATCO and will settle all the outstanding problems and reservations, which are awaiting for many years.

  5. Congrtas to Mr. Zafar Iqbal, the shareholders, the Port Trust. Timely election is one of the key essentials of improving governance. Stakeholders have serious expectations from the Chairman to ensure revisiting the beliefs and practices in the managing of both Port Trust and Joint venture that include improving revenue collections and management of revenues through a transparent mechanisms. I wonder if there is also a need to review/revise the existing MoU with Chinese partners- that might ensure win win situation for both the parties.

  6. Accept our heartiest congratulations to you and your family— I would suggest you to form/constitute high caliber team of professionals and ensure complete financial transparency

  7. Congratulations to Mr, Zafar Iqbal became a Chairman at Dry Port Sost. He is the person who worked all over Pakistan and known as back bone in NATCO. this is the time now to work for your own region, hope to see the best. Good Luck.
    and congratulation to the new cabinet of Pak-China Dry Port Sost.

  8. Congratulations Zafar Iqbal sahib. and may prayers and good wishes for your success…

  9. Dear Reporter, Be neutral, don’t personalize the things. who is capable or incapable, you are not the judge. And even you have no right to gage the veracity. your job is just reporting and nothing. Don’t teach the people, people know very well that what happened and what is happening. .

  10. As a trustee, I welcome the election of ZI as Chairman of the Dry Port Trust. We hope that he will provide quality leadership to the Trust in improving existing operations, strengthening economic relations with the Chinese counterpart in a respectful manner, safeguarding the vital economic interests of the area and creating employment opportunities for the youth through consolidating existing operations and expanding into new areas.

  11. I really appreciate the decision of the trustees for electing an experienced and senior professional for the slot of Chairmanship. Zafar sb is really a person with great skills and attitude for promoting organisations. However at the same time it is really time to reflect that when people were struggling to take the control of the port from mirs and rajas, at that time Zafar sb used to be a greater friend of Raja and didn’t support the common people or the reall trustees. Anyhow i a, sire things have changed by now and so is the priorities. Would expect a good period of Zafar sb.

  12. i personaly appreciate the decision of the turstees & congrates Zafar Iqbal sb and hope that he will continue his tireless efforts for the success of this port.

  13. Many congratulations to Zafar Iqbal sb and all the members of the Trust. I hope the trust would flourish under his dynamic leadership. The outgoing management also deserves our applause for their contributions.

  14. Sader sab many congratulation to you and your team on your brilliant success. It is hoped that you would reorganize this business institution on modern lines and make it beneficial for region.

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