Chatha Olik, a unique traditional game from Chital Valley

 Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, October 13: Chatha Olik , a phrase which in the Khowar language means “Falling in the Lake”, is a traditional game played between two player. Perched on a wooden structure similar to a goal-post, albeit with a lower height, the two players try to make each other lose balance and fall into a muddy pond, especially prepared for the game.

The idea is simple, i.e. whoever falls off the goal-post like structure. The players use pillow-like bundles of cloths to beat each other,

In one sense, the game can be described as a pillow-fight played above a muddy pond, on top of a wooden structure similar to a goal-post!

The players get ready to start the fight
The battle begins
It gets intense, as players try to save themselves, while hitting the opponent
One player dangles from the wooden plank after losing balance, trying to climb up, again ……..
…. but the task gets difficult and off he goes, into the muddy pond of water. The winner watches him going down!

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