Chitral: Pneumonia has killed 14 children since February, reports DHO

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, March 24: Almost 14 children died in the Khoth area of Tehsil Torkho of Chitral district during the last two months, reportedly, due to pneumonia. 

According to details shared by District Health Officer, Dr. Israrullah, 14 children have died since February due to Pneumonia.  The same has been confirmed by independent sources.

Dr. Israrullah said that he has visited the area and that there is a Basic Health Unit (BHU) working under the KPHC (Khyber Pahtonkhwa Health Care). He also said that the only doctor working in the area, Doctor Shah Alam of BHU Khot, was absent from duty and he has been asked to explain his absence.

A local person of Khot said that there is no health facility from government health department in the area. He said that RHC at Shahgram has been handed over to AKHSP under public private partnership.

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