PTI-GB Karachi Wing launched


Karachi, November 3: Today, young supporters and activists of PTI hailing from Gilgit-baltistan held a ‘get-together at “Insaf House Karachi’. The agenda of meeting was to have a fruitful and detailed discussion about social, political and constitutional issues of Gilgit-Baltistan in the context of its independence day. Furthermore, it included formation of well structured, PTI-GB Karachi Wing.

Ali Taj introduced agenda of the meeting and the participants afterwards shared their views about constitutional and legal status of Gilgit-Baltistan in detail and unanimously agreed to work for it at PTI’s platform.

Later, the participants discussed the need of founding a PTI-GB wing in Karachi.  After thorough debate, it was unanimously decided that a steering committee named as PTI-GB Karachi Wing, will be established.  Furthermore, in the same meeting, few names have been suggested for the steering cabinet and have been sent to PTI Gilgit-Baltistan for formal approval.

Overall, the participants showed immense passion and utmost interest to work for a positive political change in Giglit-Baltistan from the platform of PTI-GB. It is expected that the formation of PTI-GB Karachi Wing will be very crucial uniting supporters of PTI from GB who currently residing in Karachi. In addition, it will prepare a large number of PTI-GB member who will play a vital role in the party’s campaign in upcoming GBLA elections.

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  1. Via PTI platfrom we can rise our voice. its been 66 years justic shall be done with People of GB.

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