Taliban threat discussed at meeting in Bhumburat Valley, Chitral

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, February 21: The recent threat to the Kalash tribes and the followers of the Ismaili sect of Islam by the Taliban was discussed today at a meeting held in the Bhumburat villey, Kalash.

SONY DSCSpeaking at the occasion Colonel Naeem Iqbal of Chitral Scouts said that the forces are alert and ready to thwart any attack. “Chitral Scouts, Police, Border Police, Elite force and troops of Pakistan Army have been deployed on all borders and they are alert to overcome any untoward incident”, he said. He stressed on the local people to not be worried about the Taliban threat.

The Colonel claimed that the video had been released by the Taliban in 2011 but it has now been projected in the national and international media and that has prompted the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo-moto action in this regard. He emphasized on local people to be united and not allow any hidden hands to disturb their unity and mutual harmony.

Elders from Kalash, Sunni and Ismaili sect said that they are  confident of being protected by the security forces. They also emphasized on taking notice of the movement of strangers in the valley.

Deputy Commissioner and other officers of district administration said that they are working for development of the Kalash valley and surrounding areas and that a hostel for 100 students and 3 mega projects have already been approved in annual development plan.

SONY DSCSome elites from Kalsh community like Barzangi, Saifullah, Pehlawan, Wazir and other expressed their full confidence on Pak army and also assured for any sort of cooperation for maintaining exemplary peaceful environment of Kalash valley as well as Chitral. A large number of people belonging to all walks of life including leaders of political parties attended the grand peace jirga.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy commissioner Chitral Muhammad Shuaib Jadoon, District Police Officer Ghulam Hussain, Major Murtaza officer commanding , Lieutenant Murtaza of army unit deployed at Pak-Afghan border near Kalash valley as well as elders from the Kalash, Ismaili and Sunni communities.

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