Gilgit: Awami Action Committee allowed to hold gatherings in four places

A copy of the "permit" issued by the Deputy Commissioner

A copy of the “permit” issued by the Deputy Commissioner

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Gilgit, April 14: The Gilgit District Administration has allowed “relaxation” to the Awami Action Committee for holding Dharna at three locations on 15th April only.

According to a notification shared by people close to the Awami Action Committee, the conditional “relaxation” has been granted after approval from the Home and Prisons Department, a letter received here reads.

The Awami Action Committee has been allowed to hold protest gatherings at the historical Garhi Bagh, in the heart of Gilgit, at Jaglote, Danyore and Jutal, according to the notification.

A representative of the AAC told Pamir Times that the government is spreading rumors to fail the Dharna but they will fail.

It is pertinent to note that the Gilgit-Baltistan Information Cell had released a press release stating that the government has imposed Section 144 in all seven districts for a period of thirty days.

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  1. It should be assumed that public or awami action committee is not on the road it is political leadership whose mandate was service delivery that could not fulfill their obligation and public had to come on the road. Really alarming and challenging situation for leadership. In my opinion the management is implementer if leadership takes wrong decision as they have done in wheat subsidy the management has to face the situation. Instead of improving things under self governance it is worsening day by day in power shortage and basic service delivery as well.

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