‘Smile Project’: Disaster preparedness session held in Chipursan Gojal

In a short span of time, students from the Karakuram International University have excelled in many fields, getting international exposure and availing scholarships for developed countries including (European countries, America, china etc).

On their return from studying abroad they have been giving services to their societies and play vital role in the betterment of their communities.  Razia Sultana and her companions are few of them, currently studying in Karakorum International University. She has been to US after getting Fulbright scholarship on her own efforts.

United States Educational foundation in Pakistan selects students from Pakistan every year with the collaborations of IREX, funded by the United States department of States. This scholarship intended, not only to study a semester in an American university, it gives an opportunity to share our culture, study their culture, to promote mutual understanding between people of US and people of Pakistan. Above all, this scholarship program gives grants to Alumni, to conduct programs about their US educational and cultural experiences, and different activities for the community development.

Disaster preparedness session was organized in Chipurson Gojal by Razia Sultana along her team on a project called smile project. She is a GLOBAL UGRAD Alumni, recently came from America after successfully completing a semester study from an American university on Fulbright scholarship as mentioned above.  The session was attended by the gentry of the society, the general public and students of the place. The goal of this project was to aware the people regarding disaster, because it’s the most vulnerable area and usually people are affected by  disaster in this area, the main objective was to prepare people to respond the disaster on time , to prepare the people to give first aid in emergency situation which is the very basic need because most of the time dead occurred because of nothandling the patient in proper way and lack of first aid awareness, to aware people about household fire in most cases people of this area uses wrong way to rescue the person from burn and to aware people to rescue a person when  dronein water. People usually suffer from heart attack so people aren’t aware how to handle the heart attack patient before a doctor reaches. People learnt the way of bandages of arms legs and head.

It was an important and fruitful session to the community of the area; the local community appreciated the efforts of the Global Ugrad team who faced challenges in travelling all the way from Gilgit to chipuson in this difficult time.

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