“Heavy landsliding” reported in Phakar, Nagar Valley

With reporting by Kashif Maqpoon, Ijlal Hussain & Ikram Najmi 
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Google map

Hunza, September 11: Sounds of heavy landsliding were heard in the Hunza-Nagar valley tonight, at almost 11 O’clock. 

Locals from Hunza valley reported that grumbling sounds of the movement of earth and rocks could be heard throughout the valley.

Later, official sources confirmed that the landslide had occurred at Phakar, a village located in the Nagar sub-division, close to the Miachar area, where some slopes have been unstable for several years.
Details of the impact of the reportedly “heavy sliding” remained unclear yesterday night due to darkness.
People in the valley spent the night in agony, due to the fear that the Hunza River might be blocked yet again.
However, in the morning  it became clear that the landslide had occurred in an unsettled area, with no human population. While the landslide continued throughout the day, after intervals, the Hunza River and the KKH remained open and clear.
Apparently, a large number of sheep and goat, as well as cows and other cattle, have been killed during the landslide. Irrigated land, trees and other properties belonging to the residents of Phakar village Nagar have also been destroyed, locals reported.

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