Reeri village in Chitral to get 200KW hydel power house

By Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, September 29: Reeri Oveer, a remote area of upper Chitral situated between two mountains, has been deprived of communication, infrastructure, education and electricity for long. Now, at least they will be able to get electricity in their houses; thanks to a project promised by the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP).

On the strong demand of the people of Reeri Oveer Sarhad Rural Support Program ( SRSP ) has approval construction of a 200 KW hydel power house for Reeri Oveer. Dialogue with the community for this important project has been finished.

In this connection, a huge session was held with the elders of the area. The session was attended among others by the officials of SRSP. The locals, while raising their issues, thanked SRSP management for upholding demands of the people and approving the 200KW project for the village. Speaking at the occasion, CEO SRSP Shehzada Masood Ul Mulk stressed on the people to continue collective struggle for the community benefits and they can get a lot with unity.

District program manager SRSP Tariq Ahmad said that this project would be completed with the cost of 27 million rupees with the financial assistance of Program for Economic Advancement & Community Empowerment of European Union. He said that 480 families would benefit from the project.

Papers of the project were also handed over the local public. It is note-worthy to mention here that roads of this area are in very poor condition and youth of this valley is depriving from education as there is no public transport in the area and only rent-a-car facility is available which is expensive for the general public. People in Reeri Oveer have demanded of the government to provide basic amenities of life like other cities of the country and establish college and hospital to finish miseries of their lives.

Prayers were also offered for success of the project.

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