Zafar Iqbal, Former MD NATCO, to contest election from LA-6, Hunza

Gilgit: Zafar Iqbal, the former Managing Director of Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) hailing from Passu village of Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza, has announced to contest from LA – 6, Hunza, in the upcoming general elections. He made the announcement today during a press conference held at Serena Hotel, Gilgit.

During the press conference, he was accompanied by former GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig, former MLA Mutabiat Shah, PPP leader Muhammad Musa and Jafar Shah, along with others.

Leader of PMLN Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman was also present at the occasion, along with MLA Deedar Ali, Engineer Ismail, ex-Senior Minister Muhammad Jafar and many others.

It is pertinent to note that before joining NATCO, Zafar was an active political worker and a labor leader in Karachi. He is considered to be close to the Pakistan Peoples Party. However, he has not yet announced if he intends to apply for a PPP ticket in the future. On the other hand, PMLN’s Chief Organizer Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman has said that his party will welcome Zafar Iqbal if he joins them.

PPP’s popularity in the Gojal Valley has slid down significantly during the last five years as a result of registration of cases under Anti-Terrorism Act against dozens of youth from different parts of the region, as well as due to failures in managing the aftermath of the Attabad landslide disaster. At the moment, at least 10 people from Hunza are languishing in jails after being sentenced by an Anti-Terrorism Court to life imprisonment.

The registration of cases, arrests and sentences are popularly believed to be politically motivated.

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  1. No more chamchas and jialas please. Hunza already witnessed PPP’s brutal act of killing innocents, misanthropy, lawlessness, shattered infrastructure, oppression, injustice, cruelty, darkness, torment and list has no end.

    Mu besanete gulchin b izzat to asheera

    1. I think you should support zafar iqbal. He has done remarkable job in NATCO.
      Right now you need good governance in gilgit baltistan.
      Blochistan got good leader Dr. malik. I hope zafar iqbal be the next chief minister.
      We need accountable leaders in Pakistan.
      This will bring development in all regions.

  2. This is a game which Mr.Zafar Played in the past five years and going to continue it now…Sorry for such lotas. Please the youth of Hunza rise to fight for your right and true leadership….The picture above is worth million words for development and curroption

    1. Absolutely right Sher khan brother, now Hunza is in need of such a dynamic leader who would at least restore the real image of Hunza as a peaceful land, for that these so-called leader are ineligible.

  3. Wish you good luck Mr. Zafar, you have proved to be a leader…yet it is a humble request to be careful in joining political party. I am sure that this election is going to be decided by youth in hunza.

  4. we are a students here in karachi university. today we were sitting together and one of our friend came with this news that Mr MD is in politics . we visited pamirtimes for further information on one of our friend’s cell phone and making this comment now. We are looking this photo published by PT and every one have one word on their tongue that is Corruption Corruption andCorruption.
    we dont know how this so called GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig, former MLA Mutabiat Shah came in front of public.we are requesting the students of Gojal-Hunza to not support Mr Zaffer Iqbal the so called leader. Just see the gang around him in the picture. Yes if he was not with this notorious people there might be a chance of supporting him but unfortunately picture speaks more then words.
    we are not fool Mr Zaffer Iqbal that we will spoil our coming years. If you are a real leader please tell the youth of Gojal what you have done so far for them or what sort sort of leadership you have shown to them ?
    Did he raise his voice when innocent Dad and father were killed in Hunza ?
    where were he when the eduction department of GB did not distribute the students fund. 7 corror rupee has been stolen. we the students of Gojal today in Karachi University start campain against MD the so called leader.
    Mr ZQ we are sorry.

    1. I do respect your comments guys,but try to understand one thing we don’t have leaders at the moment and i am pretty sure it is not a easy job to lead people.We have few people in the entire Hunza who can lead the people in the right way.We have problems in the area,but who is going to resolve them?leaders no ,we have all have to stand with them to resolve these issues.If you look at the political history of Hunza,it was the Mirs who have ruled the area for a period of long time,what they have done with the people of Hunza,Nothing.We have to support Zafar Iqbal and at the moment he is the right person.
      Thank you

  5. We all know that zafer iqbal has many skills of leadership and governance as well. He has also earned a good name in governing systems.
    We would suggest that Zafer sab should join the PMLN or contest election independently as PPP has lost its credibility adversely in GB . The last self governing body defamed the party of Shahid zulfiqar ali Bhitto and Benazir Bhutto. The said body could not deliver services to public in spite of having their own government in federal nor could they work on constitutional rights of GB.
    It was moral obligation of PPP senior leaders to discourage the corrupt elements and corruption as well. Why they did not mount pressure on CM to ensure good governance or service delivery. The GBIANS would never spare these leaders who have distorted and deformed the image of GB.
    If Zafer sab would keep separate his self with this party association he can achieve his goal. If he gets PPP ticket than people will not be ready to take this PPP name again.
    Though we know that speaker was raising voice against mal practices of GBLA members but he could not succeed to make them compel to change their behavior regarding service delivery and good governance.

  6. There is no dearth of leaders in Hunza specially in Gojal. But they do not come forward as they cannot spend huge amount of money during campaign. There are many qualities in Zafar Iqbal but he misses the most important one which is “HONESTY” He has millions and millions but he will not be able to buy votes of the people of Hunza.

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