Gojal: 12 years old boy hunts Himalyan Ibex in Passu Conservancy

Reported by Tariq Ali

19 DEC 2014: A 12 years old boy hailing form Ghalapan Gojal has made a record by hunting down a Himalyan Ibex. 

According to details, Muhammad qazi s/o Dolat Karim amade a record in hunting game, by hunting a Himalyan Ibex in Passu Conservancy area.

Passu Conservancy is functional since 1992, and it is helping the local people to generate revenues and promote the area, said a statement released to the press today. 

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  1. Ye showbaazi tu koi important news nahi, ek business man apney betey ko media pe laaney k chakker mei pesey kherch jet raja hai or pamir times k heading me I asgya jee world record… Soon funny … By the way I have a right to criticise. Don’t give or sensor my comment.

  2. Training children to kill at such a young age is undesirable. Cruelty to animals is a medieval habit which needs to be curbed in this modern age. Look at the “bravery” of those guys sitting around that poor creature of Allah!!!

  3. This item does not deserve to be a news item. Highly disappointing that PT publishes a couple of news per week and still such item make part of the news. A sincere suggestion! please try to improve selection of your news items.

  4. Funny News Ibex tha ya koi Bakri ju itni asani say 12 saal k bache k hath may agai,

    Kamal tu yeah hai k zinda pakara hai

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