PMLN leaders for Gilgit-Baltistan announced, Hafeez gets the top slot

Islamabad: PMLN President and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday gave approval for appointment of fifteen office bearers of the party’s Gilgit-Baltistan chapter.

According to a statement issued here, approval of Hafiz Hafeez-Ur- Rehman Khan as Provincial President and Haji Muhammad Akbar Taban as Provincial General Secretary have been given.

Other office bearers whose names have been approved included, Ghulam Muhammad (Provincial Senior Vice President), Mir Ghazanfer Ali Khan (Provincial Senior Vice President), Hayat Baig (Provincial Senior Vice President), Jafar Ullah Khan (Deputy General Secretary), Ibrahim Sanai (Provincial Senior Vice President), Col(R) Karim Shah (Provincial Vice President), Attiqa Gazanfer Ali Khan (Provincial Vice President), Haji Haider Khan (Provincial Vice President), Shafiq-Ud-Din (Provincial Vice President), Shams Mir (Provincial Political Advisor), Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (Provincial Vice President), Tahir Ayub (Provincial Vice President), and Farooq Mir (Provincial Secretary Information).

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  1. Announced by NS, and not elected by the political workers of GB? Is this a democratic process or what?

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