Following the footprints: Senior citizens from Shimshal trekked the historic Qaroon route

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Photo: Farman Ali Tajik 

Sost: A 19-member team of senior Citizens from Shimshal valley followed the historical Qaroon Pass (Over 5000 metre high) to reach Avgarch valley. The trek was jointly organized by the local council Shimshal and local council Sost.

The trekkers in traditional trekking dresses received warm receptions from the community of Moorkhun, Ghalapan, Jamalabad, Sost and other surrounding areas. The reception was also attended by representatives of district administration and Ismaili Council for Hunza.

In older time crossing Qaroon Pass was a symbol of misery due to the hardships (without shadow and water) in crossing the pass. The route has been traditionally used to reach Shimshal before the construction of the new routes. The local people were crossing this route by carrying heavy loads for the Mir of Hunza.

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  1. Congratulations to LC Shimshal and Sost for organizing such healthy activity. It covers both physical health and harmony among people.
    Good job by our elders too..

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