Shazia Ghazi: Representing GB at the South Asian Youth Society

Few months back when the South Asian Youth Society called talented youth candidates from across South Asia to their summer summit 2015, there were a lot of young people who were submitting the stories of their struggle for peace and prosperity of the youth in their areas. Ms. Shazia Ghazi is the only one from Gilgit-Baltistan representing the region at South Asian Youth Society’s Summer Summit at Bangladesh. Only 5 youth activists from across Pakistan were selected to the summit.

South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) is a registered Civil and Social Organization based in Bangladesh. It promotes a united platform of South Asian youth through exploring new ideas, networking among south Asian youth and sharing diversified knowledge created by South Asian Youth. It also values exchanging cultural experiences intra-countries and inter countries to uphold the potentials of South Asian Youth. SAYS assists young minds to realize their dormant intellect to be lead the future.

Shazia Ghazi said in an interview to SpeakUp, that she is not an individual, rather she is the face to the whole youth of Gilgit-Baltistan in the south Asian youth society. On a question about what are the main problems faced by the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan? She answered, “The youth of our area lack resources and opportunities, and the reason to which is the lack of political autonomy to Gilgit-Baltistan. If we become politically autonomous, it will boost our economic in-dependency, creating more opportunities to the youth.” Ms. Shazia Ghazi is an active student activist associated with National Students Federation, Gilgit-Baltistan from a year ago. She usually does blogging on different issues related to gender and class based discrimination. Her writings can be found at her blog SAY NO TO GENDER DISCRIMINATION.


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