Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Modi’s Statement on Gilgit-Baltistan: An Attempt to Sabotage CPEC


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not only going to strengthen the economy of Pakistan, it will also further consolidate the friendly relationship of Pakistan and China to a great extent. The inimical forces who are always in pursuit of a chance to vitiate the sovereignty of Pakistan are doing their level best to harm the plan of establishing the economic corridor. India is at the top of the countries working day and night to sabotage the CPEC plan, because it can never tolerate Pakistan’s progress and prosperity, and also because it is afraid of China’s increasing access to the Arabian Sea.

Gilgit-Baltistan, having an incredible geo-strategic importance, is the true gateway for the CPEC, but the region is constitutionally deprived and the locals have been complaining about the lack of fundamental rights. The status of G-B is indistinct, so to declare its position recently Federal government had formulated a commission to decide the future of Gilgit Baltistan which is inevitable for Pakistan before the initiation of the economic route.

The facts that Gilgit-Baltistan needs to be given more rights and representation cannot be denied. This is vital to ensure that the hidden hands attempting to play the victim card for political and strategic gains are dealt with, and measures are taken to improve the life quality of the people of the region. Delaying such measures any further might causes issues for implementation of the CPEC initiative.

One sabotage attempt was made by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in his freedom day speech on August 15 said that people from Gilgit-Baltistan had thanked him for ‘raising their issues’. This rhetoric was meant to create an impression that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan want India to liberate GB from “Pakistan’s Occupation”.

After throwing the arrow in the air, Modi now expects or plans turmoil in GB. The government is already taking action against nationalists for their alleged ties with Indian agencies. Modi hopes that such measures will create unrest and there will be a movement in the region which he can then exploit further for his gains. What the people of GB will gain in such a scenario is turmoil, turmoil and turmoil. In such a way China will not be ready to invest billions of dollar in a region where there’s an agitation. That seems to be the plan for long.

Fortunately, his endeavor has gone in vain, because the political, religious and vicil society leaders and representatives of each partof the region have condemned the statement of Modi through electronic, social and print media and showed loyalty with Pakistan. To get rid of such reaction from patriotic citizens of G-B who have given their lives in Kargil, Siachen and in the war of 65 for Pakistan, Modi should have watched television to see the enthusiasm of people of G-B while celebrating the independent day of Pakistan.

It is indispensable to disclose here, for the blind Indian media, that there is a subtle difference between insurgency and fight for rights. That the people of GB raise their voices for constitutional and fundamental rights does not mean that there’s an insurgency. They are more patriotic Pakistanis than the people living in other provinces and regions.

Pakistan should also take great care about the rights of people and decide the status of G-B immediately to halt the attempts of the enemies who are actively trying to destroy the great economical route which will not only turn the fate of Pakistan, but also make Gilgit-Baltsiatn the “ Switzerland of Pakistan” in real sense. The government and people too should not let the hidden hands destroy the opportunities for an economic revolution. Our unity will bring peace and prosperity while division will destroy our economy. Destruction of economy, in this era, means the destruction of a nation.

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