Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Dear dreams

Mesum M. Kazmi

Dreams are the illustrations of your vision that tell you how much potentials you possess. Dreams change hopeless life into hopeful and indulge senses of curiosity to implore different tasks, and also dreaming can help you to learn and develop long term memories. Dreaming is a bridge between real and mysterious world. The immortality of life and heroic role are portrayed by Dear Dreams. Dreams are the interpreter of your instincts and hidden thoughts, and all classes of society enjoy it equally.

Dear dream, I know you are my true fellow, which always alert me from troubles, you teach me how to grow wings, but the circumstances act as a scissors which cut off my wings, and blow me into pieces. Dear dream I know you never forget me, the dreams I dreamt when I merely know my name, was adorable and adoptable. I fulfilled few of them by my parents. But with growing age and the burden of the world, congested my thoughts and imprison me in underneath box. Dear dream, the dreams I dreamt are made tough by so called competitions, the struggle to defeat one another bound me to stop dreaming. I have to surrender my Dreams because the sadistic system entrap me to follow its roles, I fluttered to get rid this apathetic system but it choked me and embraced me in his dazzling and suffocating lap. My dreams, my sweet dreams all are gone vain, the school and college dreams all have gone away. Everyone is in hurry to go after for dominancy. No one even knows what dreams they dreamt. All of us are murdering our dreams for the sake of needs and for so called competitions. Dear dream, you know when I was slept on my mom’s lap, in her lullaby, she sang my dreams in her voice. She demonstrated me how to dream but the indifferent world adorned me with nothing but dejection and hatred. Dear dream, when I try to fulfil my dreams I am kicked out and says, ‘no place for dreamers and unexperienced people’. I find no way to escape myself, everywhere, I saw humiliation and discriminations. Dear dream I want you to dream me, I want you to hold my hand and take me toward its interpretations because I am exhausted from the hustle bustle of the world and tiresome of its battle among peoples to crush one another’s dreams. I am lethargic of seeing same out dated routines, dear dreams tell me, why are we not encourage creativity?

A human has nothing in life, not even his family but has a dream, a dear dream. The only hope of a depressed person, is dream that keeps him alive. Never let your dreams be sacrifice for glitters and never let anyone to rule on your dreams. Work hard, have passions, do best performances and converge your scatter dreams, and work consistently. Your dreams would lead you to success.  Dreams are dreamt to fly higher not to crawl. If you can dream you can fly, so just hold down patiently, shift your focus from competition to contribution and love the humanity. Dream what you want to dream but never lay down your moral and honor for sake of its completion, achieve it through smart and hard work. The ups and downs and, cold circumstances are the part of life but never compromise on your dreams. Life and dream coexist, without dreams, life cannot progress and without life, dreams cannot be dreamt. Therefore, face harsh situation boldly but cannot give up on your dreams.

The contributor is a student of B.S Hons. at GC University, Lahore. 

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