Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

In-laws accused of killing a woman, by throwing her off a 1000 ft high cliff in Bagrote

Gilgit: Mir Muhammad, a resident of Bagrote valley, has approached the Danyore Police station with the complain that his grand-daughter (ZB) has been killing by her in-laws.

In an application submitted to the Danyore Police, Mir Muhammad has said that on 7th of April he received a call from a local notable about the presence of his grand-daughter’s dead body near a river. He has said that a couple of days back his grand-daughter had called him, and said that her life was in danger at the hands of her in-laws.

Mir Muhammad, in his hand-written, signed, application, has nominated Barkat Ali, Tajdar, Ashoor Muhammad, and the wife of Ashoor Muhammad in the application, demanding legal action against the accused for the alleged murder of the deceased woman.

Mir Muhammad has said that his grand-daughter was pushed off a 400 Guz high cliff (1 Guz = 2.9 ft), and she fell to her death.

Police has arrested the nominated persons and started investigation, based on Mir Muhammad’s report.

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