Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Express News stages fake arrests in Hunza for “Grift” program, faces social media backlash  

Express Television’s criminal investigation program, Girift, staged fake arrests in Hunza to spice up its reporting.

The program shows three officials of Hunza Police acting as a “suspicious” Afghan national, a taxi driver, and a drug peddler. The fake arrests are made in the presence of the Superintendent of Police, a high-ranking district level official.

Recently released photo of two of the three police officials seen acting in the documentary

Social media has erupted in protest to condemn the staged arrests. “They are trying to portray Hunza negatively. It is shameful”, wrote two social media users on Facebook.

Screenshot of some of the comments on Facebook

Locals in Hunza have identified the three officials, one of whom acts as an Afghan national, another as taxi driver, and a third one as a drug peddler. The fake “Afghani” is a resident of Aliabad, and the one acting as Taxi driver belongs to Khan Abad village of lower Hunza.

Police officials argue that it was a ‘demo’ for raising public awareness. However, the footage aired in the documentary doesn’t carry any label, depicting it as a ‘demo’ or ‘re-enactment’.

Locals in Hunza have said that such negative portrayal of the region on the basis of fictional incidents will damage the area’s reputation.

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