Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Application filed for registration of FIR against organizers of rave party

GILGIT: An application for registration of FIR has been submitted to the Gulmit Police Station in sub-division Gojal, Hunza, after a controversial ‘rave’ party was organized in the region by a group of tourists.

According to the application, the party chief organizer, identified as “Farhan Khan Bhatti”, and his companions engaged in using illicit drugs during the party, and also reportedly performed ‘indecent’ dances, which, the applicants say, is against the culture and norms of the local community.

Expressing apprehensions over the ‘vulgarity’ and ‘free usage of contraband drugs’, the application filers have sought legal action against the organizers and patrons of the ‘Pills Party’, as characterized in the application.

A controversy is brewing in the Gilgit-Baltistan after the purported video of a dance performed during the ‘festival’ was leaked and went viral.

There are reports that this event was a private affair and people had purchased tickets to attend the event. Vast majority of the attendees were from mainland Pakistan, local sources have added.

Copy of the application submitted to the Gulmit Police Station

Some social media users have started a targeted campaign against Hunza, particularly against Gojal Valley, accusing them of promoting lethal drugs in the region. Hateful comments are being posted against the community after the video was leaked and went viral.

The application also mentions that the youth of Hunza are under immense social stress due to the hate campaign and are being accused of doing something that they were not involved in.

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