Teenager “takes his own life” after being accused of stealing

CHITRAL: A 13-years old boy has allegedly taken his own life by jumping off a bridge in Chitral District of KPK after he was accused of stealing.

The boy, identified as Tanveer, a resident of Greenlasht, Chitral, was reportedly beaten up by a group of shopkeepers and handed over to the police. The father of the child, in an application demanding action against the shopkeepers, has said that his son was illegally detained by the police and he was also mentally tortured while in detention.

The tragic incident took place after the child was allegedly seen by someone while “shoplifting”.

After the child was ‘caught’, a number of shopkeepers came forward and accused him of stealing many other things, without offering any proof, wrote Iqraruddin Khisrow, wrote a local writer on social media. Tanveer was then handed over to the police. The child was also reportedly accused of stealing an 80kg heavy scale/balance (Tarazu) by the shopkeepers.

The child went home with his father and maternal-uncle after his father promised to compensate the shopkeepers.

The child reportedly left the above note under his pillow before taking his own life.

The application written by the father says that his son jumped off a bridge and took his own life. He reportedly also left a single-line note saying, “Sorry my sister. I love you”.

He has accused the shopkeepers and the local police of forcing his son to take his own life by leveling baseless allegations and torturing him.

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