‘FWO endeavours to revive mining sector in Gilgit Baltistan’

ISLAMABAD: Frontiers Work Organization (FWO) is making endeavours to revive mining sector in Gilgit Baltistan on the request of local community.

A statement released by FWO said, exploration of mineral potential has been planned in Chipurson valley of Hunza after getting exploration license from Gilgit-Baltistan Mines and Minerals Department in 2019.

 “It is envisaged that as per scientific methodology, exploration phase will continue for next 1-2 years before resource assessment and formal commencement of mining operations, depending upon availability of minerals,” the statement reads.

The people of Chipurson valley have demanded to avoid any development work until an agreement is signed with the local community to safeguard their due rights in local resources.

According to the statement, FWO has planned to construct and improve the Chipurson Valley Track which will also benefit the people of Chipurson Valley.

Mining in Chipurson Valley is likely to contribute towards the prosperity of locals through job creation and provision of all concessions as per rules and regulations of Government of Gilgit Baltistan, the statement further said.

“FWO re-affirms its commitment to the People and Government of Gilgit-Baltistan for contributing towards socio-economic uplift of the area in line with its history and present engagements i.e construction and continuous maintenance of KKH, construction / rehabilitation of Jaglot-Skardu Road, construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam and some other projects,” the statement further reads.

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  1. It is important to preserve economical interests of indigenous populations for present as well as future generation and prevent exploitation by entities such as محسن International or in the present case FWO – in the garb of facilitating extraction.

  2. We know the ruined state of KKH and blockage of chuperson road by FWO. Engineered article and no auther name.

  3. What en endeavor, how this Mining/Exploration license was grabbed from a poor man of Gojal is a unique story, who was harassed and frightened on account of POWER and AUTHORITY…then he was made to sign an agreement, which was not disclosed to him rather he was told that its a 50-50 share agreement, whereas in reality this agreement was a withdrawal from his application for the said place for mining/exploration license.If state institutions start doing commercial activities as in this particular case, there will be a grave breach of trust , and local community will be right enough to say their resources are being grabbed and they are cornered and forced to keep silent on gun point..Further without reaching an agreement with local community, its a criminal act to start operations there and people have right to resist and raise their voice over such grave injustice and breach of law…

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