Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

WWF raises alarms about wastewater management, pollution, around Attabad Lake

GILGIT: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has expressed concerns about the ecological future of the Attabad Lake which has emerged as a major tourist destination in a short span of time.

In a letter, dated July 14, the Director General of WWF has shared the organization’s concerns with the Director of Gilgit-Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency.

The letter says that based on WWF’s assessment, there are around 30 hotels and restaurants constructed right on the edge of the lake. The letter, a copy of which is available with Pamir Times, states that the arrangements made for waste-water management are vulnerable and can damaged the lake’s flora and fauna, while also damaging its natural beauty.

WWF has also said that large establishments, like Luxux Hotel, have failed to fulfil legal requirements around waste-management.

The letter further states that hundreds of boats operating in the lake are also playing a role in polluting the water.

WWF has through the letter proposed to conduct a site assessment in collaboration with GBEPA.

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