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Police official and married woman shot dead in the name of honor, husband arrested

With reporting by Karim Ranjha

ISHKOMAN: A Police official and a woman have been shot dead in Imit locality of Ishkoman Valley, District Ghizer, allegedly in the name of honor.

Police has registered an FIR, No.03/22, Serial No.50212, based on an application submitted by ASI Syed Uzair Ullah.

According to the FIR, ASI Uzair Ullah received a call from Omar Khan (the accused) who told ASI Uzair that he (Omar) had killed his wife and Head Constable (HC) Abdul Zahir.

The FIR further states that the dead body of the woman (22 years old) was found inside the house while the body of HC Abdul Zahir was found behidn the house of Omar Khan. Both had sustained gunshot wounds to their abdoman. There were also reportedly marks of torture on the bodies.

The FIR mentions that Omar (the accused) had an argument with Abdul Zahir (the deceased) inside a Mosque. HC Abdul Zahir was reportedly “dragged out of the Mosque”, taken to Omar’s house and killed. The Police report also mentions that they found signs of ‘struggle’ in the Mosque. There were reportedly rope marks on the body of Abdul Zahir, indicating that the may have been tied.

Police has arrested Omar Khan, based on his own admission, and launched an investigation to ascertain more facts.

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