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Immigration Consultancy: a booming business


Things might have changed after the notorious 9/11 attacks on the USA and the resulting tightening of security measures but still thousands of people from Pakistan want to travel to “the West” for one or the other reason. The impact is mutidimensional because while at one hand this means ‘brain drain’ on other it also means increased capacity of the individuals, inflow of capital and cultural interactions. This trend has given rise to a services business, involving handling of all affairs related to immigration. Hundreds of consultancy related business ventures have opened up across Pakistan and keep on sending thousands of people out of the country for, both, education and ‘settling’.

Meritocracy Consultancy Services, providing ‘immigration solutions’ is one of these organizations. It is operating in Australia, having its head office in Sydney, but recently it has also opened an office in Karachi Pakistan, sensing the increasing opportunities.  

The good thing about the people running meritocracy consultancy services is that they have offered their ‘free consultancy services for the Ismaili students belonging to Northern Areas (Gilgit – Baltistan) and Chitral’.

Sadif Judaani, the managing director, has pledged this offer in a letter sent to Pamir Times. Interestingly Shehnaz Haider, of Shishkat Gojal, also works for the firm, in the capacity of an Immigration consultant.

We hope that those interested in visiting Australia for studies of settling will make the best of this generous offer. However, let’s remind you that if you are not a student you will be charged ‘the minimal’ fee.

If you want to get in touch call them at Ph: 021-5293156-60 (five numbers) or send an email to

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  1. Indeed Immigration consultancy is a booming and profitable business, especially in our country. It has also been observed that almost 90% of such business and firms are playing a foul game. I would advise our students that before accepting any generous or free of cost offer they must go through the immigration requirements and policy of that particular country. They must also consider the cost annexed to such offers and documentation process because nothing comes without cost. Another important aspect to be considered is the legal aspect of such offers. I don’t think that there should be any problem for students to go abroad for studies. Only your admission and good financial backup can help you better than any consultancy firm or government agency. If you are offered admission and scholarship or you have enough money to cover your tuition fee, boarding & lodging and other expenses you can easily make your way to any country without any complication. So I would suggest to be very careful in such matters.

  2. Our people have bitter experiences of such Consultancy Services/ firms. I am not criticizing but this is a fact that these type of firms are mostly fraud and the have only one mission to earn money whether it’s legal or illegal. Ejaz’s guideline is well enough for the students I think. Every country has their immigration policies and everyone can apply through online or directly through their embassy. So thanks to CONSULTANCY SERVICES/Firms

  3. Dear All

    It is important that we don’t behave irrationaly while commenting. Objective and focused, clear, analysis can keep us on the safer and normal path.

    I will thank Aejaz Bhai and Karim for their objective views related to the message posted by Pamir Times.

    Let me make it clear that all information posted above is based on the consent of the individuals involved.



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