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Chipursan’s polo team participates in sports festival

Let other people play other games, the game of kings is still the king of games
Let other people play other games, the game of kings is still the king of games

By Ali Ahmed

Gilgit, May 14: Fourth match of the Spring Blossom Polo Festival was played between the teams of Chipursan Valley and Shaheen Club Gilgit. Both teams performed excellently during the first and second halves of the game. In the first half both teams scored four goals and during the second half the score was leveled at seven goals each. However, during the extra ten minutes Shaheen Club was able to score the decisive goal, winning the match 8 -7. Asif Khan, son of Group Captain (r) Shah Khan was chief guest during the game.

Later, the youth of Gojal living in Gilgit city, treated the team members with dinner at a local hotel.

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  1. Dear Sutan,
    Saw u after a long gap. Some of vary rare people saw in thes pix. That was a rememberence of the past.

  2. Thank you very much bhai jan. It was a historic moment to witness the performance of our team and those were wonderful moments. As an appreciation our youth hosted dinner for the team which was yet another opportunity to chat with the players.



  3. To Gojal polo players

    Congratulations and thanks for the Chapurson Gojal polo team to preserve the traditional great game and participating in the regional level games, You people tack a good step for regional level and we hop you people will become the best polo players in the region because you Spanned your time and money on this games and horses.

    Keep it up the traditional game.

    Ali Aman Gojali
    Dushanbe Tajikistan

  4. Congratulations Chipursun Polo Team for participating in the Spring Blossom Polo Festival. We love you for always providing entertainment for the people in Chipursun & outside.

    Keep going

  5. i congratulate Chipurson team for participating.. its great effart they made and no matter that they lost one match its the rule of game… keep your efforts at the peak and best wishes for the future.

  6. Chipurson will achieve new heights in the years to come. It is just the begining.

  7. i congergulate for the team of chipersan Gojal for participating in the polo tournoment . as representing the traditional and culture of Gojal.although it is not so easy to horses for playing but this the great achivements of that peoples who still are preserving our culture. i congergulate for all the players.

  8. gerthy a shasavar medan e jang main
    vo tefhl kia geray jo gutnon k bal challay

    well done gajal team, this was realy a good match.
    every one of the auidience were very very happy,when the players of gajal team was enterning in to the ground. every one have a unique quality to promote our culture in different ways, so this was one of that, keep it up.


  9. I congratulate the polo team from Chipursan, Gojal for their fantastic performance in the spring festival. I know some of players I met in Wakhan valley where they used to talk about polo. After the retirment of my maternal uncle, Mr. Shah Gul Aziz, this is the first time that Gojalis are back once again and have started performing so beautifully.

    I wish them a very good luck.


  10. Good to see Chipursan team with a great sprit here in Gilgit. Last match was very nice; well played by all players. Just it was a bad luck for loosing match after a long struggle!!!!!!. Any ways we really want to see a winning match if there is no any knockout system in this tournament.

    Keep up the good work and your struggle to win.

    Ejaz Karim (Raminjik)

  11. Great to see Polo team in spring festival, many congratulations to Chipurson team for participating and keeping worlds most wonderful sport alive.We are proud of you guys just keep it up.


  12. Congrats,

    It is good to see the polo team is still alive in gojal valley just becouse of the great people of chipurson. The Aga Khan Sports board should have to preserve and to promote this traditional game in the valley, which will definitely boost the tourism industry in the area.

    Shahid Ali
    The FMFB Rawalpindi.

  13. good job, keep it up!!!!

    You have done alot more to keep our culture and traditons alive

    Thanks for contributing to the community and preserving our culture untill now,Excellent job done, Keep on moving….. Good luck for the Trophy next time…

    Best wishes from Dubai

  14. Many many congratulations, Chipurson team you have been contributing alot towards promotion of the Polo game in the region which is no more seen in rest of the parts of Gojal and Hunza.

    Our ancesters used to play polo but it gradually lost its prevelance in the area as the people moved onto new priorities and left behind the precious asset of the forfathers.

    I am very thankful to all those who have been putting efforts towards the promotion of this endangered game. This is an important segment of our cultural practices and must not be ignored at any cost.

    Long live polo and all the very best for the promoters and players.


    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  15. Each of the Chipursan polo team members are congratulated for putting up such an impressive show against the local team in Gilgit; more importantly for keeping the sport alive in their remote valley. It really is difficult, I guess’ to keep and maintain horses, especially in these economically hard days.

    For long -term sustenance of this ‘king of sports – Polo’, appropriate institutional arrangements seem to be inevitable. One can hope that the culture and sports oriented organizations will come forward to promote and preserve polo in its original form in this part of the world. Maintaining horses on an individual basis by the people of Gilgit -Baltistan is increasing becoming impossible; and without horses, the concept of polo does not hold any ground. Polo will remain alive, as long as horses are around; the opposite of it will lead to the decline of this unique sport, which should never happen – it’s becoming a challenge!

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  16. Due to the lack of space and ecourragement to this very game of ours, Polo has almost diminished from Hunza which is shamefull and a disgrace to our identity. Fortunately, Chipurson has the capacity to represent Hunza and we’re proud of that. ISB (Ismaili sports board) should try to revitalize this game in the broader interest of cultural and economic prospective.
    We need this game as our cultural identity for the years to come and a reliable component of our socio-economic musts of our future progress.
    Polo should also be promoted in the entire Hunza.

  17. Congratulations to the Chipursan Polo team for their impressive performance. It is a very healthy sign and a great effort to keep this game alive in these tough economic conditions which has really engulfed the whole world and more severely the poor countries like ours.

    You guys are going a great job to preserve this great game which is played in its wild form in the upper high lands of Pakistan with its originality.

    I wish I am able to see polo played again in the polo grounds of our villages with the same spirit.

    I would suggest that our youth take this as a project and document the great Polo players of the old times. I would also like to request that someone interview the great Polo player of his times Mr. Shah Gul Aziz of Gulmit documenting his memories, his achievements, awards and prizes for the reference of all our future polo lovers.

    Sher Karim

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