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Violent protests against power breakdown in Hunza

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, August 08: The youth of Karimabad and Hyderabad villages have staged a violent protest against irregular load shedding and regular electricity breakdown that they said were hurting their livelihoods and daily life. 

The violent protesters damaged the generator room and glasses of some of the rooms of the Hotel owned by Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Chief Executive Northern Areas. The youth also pelted stones on and manhandled the officials present at the electricity complaint office, Karimabad.

The protest erupted from Hyderabad around 10 pm due to irregular electric cuts and was later joined by youth from the Karimabad village, as well.  The protesters shouted slogans against the Chief Executive and the Northern Areas Power and Works Department (NAPWD), blaming them for the upto 18 hours of electricity cuts, a day. They protestors said that Chief Executive and other influential people have special lines while the common people remain deprived of electricity, for weeks.

The local police later on detained about 10 protestors, most of them students. After interference of community notables the police after some time released the detained youth.  

It is here to mention that despite of large potential of hydral-power generation, Hunza is suffering from worst electricity crisis.

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  1. Dears

    I am a project manager of international stature. Let me tell you the realities of NA PW & D and NA W & P Department!!!!!!!

    We have intrinsic habits that a whore would have otherwise ben acceptable but it is difficulat to accept the people in the above mentioned departments.
    These people are used to mint money from the money that has been allocated for people of Northern Areas i.e. 10 % of the money allocated for every project.
    I would and in fact every one else should accept providing to the people of NA PWD and NA W & P Department fish away 10 % of the money if they could contribute to the project in the proper execution.

    They mint away the mpney from public funds on grounds, I do not know what ??????

    Editor’s warning:

    Dear Sajjad. I have removed some unacceptable abuses that you had used. The comment was approved in haste, not properly studied. I apologize from the readers.

    However, you are advised not to dent your ‘international stature’ and personal character by using vulgar and foul street language on this forum. We hope that you are aware of the fact that people of all genders, all ages and all opinions are reading your comments. Be careful next time. Otherwise your comments will be blocked, forever.


  2. Hunza and violent protest……………………………… ?????? What happened to us? Where are we going? Are we on the way to development? Are we paying for our deeds? What are we doing? Whom we are following? What are our aims????????????

    For God sake, think and do something for a better future. other wise there will be no more any Hunza(renowned) for its people.



    Karamat Ali Shako
    (AAJ TV)

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