Gilgit - Baltistan

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Suggest a title for this photograph (Location Naltar, Photo by Parveen Roy)

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  1. “Natural and Aesthetic” is a title which I think relates to this picture as i had been to this beautiful valley. It is an adventurous,peaceful and worth visiting area. The sizzling rain,the lush green grass and the warmth of the hospitality of the people and running horses and a herdof cattles still haunt me and it is now an unforgettable part of my memories embedded in my mind.

  2. “PEACE & LOVE” If u need a filmi title then u can say ‘” JANGAL MA MANGAL” OR ” LOVE IN JANGAL”

  3. woorkkisth bef niye ka seyath re baf xik kisth shupun ba thu the waqat qadam. nev sak ne shupan woz ne sak chee kafach paisa wala . talammi ba baf sahi nasth mobile woz masthi charn .

  4. Beauty of nature Or we all are one Or strength of two can act as eleven Or message to love for those we hate

  5. Well Dears
    To me its The North Gilgit and Baltistan
    Alone and open in the cold and bitter harsh condition and man made lines and hardels that are making it suffer.

    It is simple a massage, can they be saved, are they form the sme colour, and cread, are they one or differnt, what can we call them as one.

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