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Click to visit the blog. Excellent initiative by Sher Shah.

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  1. misgar is haven on the earth i have visited two times i like the velly personaly people are very friendly and specially KD fort is feblous…..

  2. good work by Shershah, no doubt Misgar is one of the beautiful valley in Gojal Hunza, people are so friendly and hardworking…
    I like the clean water of Misgar….coolllll

  3. Salam to all.

    nice effort to esteblish blog of Misgar valley.

    here i wanna sher u that Misger vally does not situated in Hunza, it situated in Gojal Valley (tehsil Gojal). there is no any concept of Upper Hunza. All the administration setup of Misgar is with Gojal Tehsil .

    Nadeem Aman Rumi

  4. This is immence pleasure for me personaly that at last the people of Misger and particularly yourth has realised the benefits of collective intiates for the community.I congratulate Kako Sher Shah and Mr Mir Aman Hunzai for there contribution in this regard.
    People of Misgar and history it self is not hidden for the whole community of Hunza, that it was been gate way and boarder of Battle in the times Mirs ruled in Hunza State. These are the nations who defends in all time against the Kergez, as well as support the Mir’s and Public of Hunza paying them “BAJ & Kharaj” in fact Gojal was Used to called HERBAR it means the vally of consincious, it meant that we people of Gojal was always aware about the hard and good time of our fate.
    There for it is a great effort of Kako Sher Shah and Mir Aman Bahi, i must say Salam to both of them…………..

    Keep your Good Work Up!

    Best Regards,
    Rahmat Karim Nizari
    Dubai UAE.

  5. Congratulations to the youth and students for this blog on Misgar, I hope people of Gojal in general and Misgar in particular will take benefit of this web blog for sharing information, views, ideas, harmony and love between the diverse population of Gojal where Wakhies, Brushoos and Doomakies have lived peacefully for centuries and have prospered together.

    It is need of the hour to strengthen relations within Gojal and with other regions, help build strong institutions that promotes peace and harmony and a progressive civil society to make Gojal a true home for our children that is free of drugs, social injustices.

    Mr. Sher Shah and Mir Aman for their invaluable contributions

    Lastly I strongly believe that those who would like to have extension of their names related to regions can proudly add Gojali instead of Hunzai because Hunza reminds us of those dark days where the people of Gojal were so brutally squeezed for taxes to feed the big bellied Mirs and Wazirs.

  6. Nice effort to disseminate information all about one of the historic and strategically important village of Hunza.It is historic due to the fact the Silk Route was passing through this beautiful village , KD Fort reminds us the hard work and steadiness ,affinity,and commitment of the people and its strategic position due to the fact Mintika Pass and DILsang PASS connect our countery with our great neighbougher China and famous Pamir Knot.

  7. well by sher shah..i hv visit misghar vally 3 times.i like the peoples and the village.i also went up to klick’s very beautiful place.i and my frnd stay 6 days there.we went up to the pak chine border also.its so sweet area……………


    I thank you all the well wishers of this community blog. Your sincere comments are indeed helpful to further improve our blog. Keep visiting the blog and also disseminate to other nears and dears.
    Sher Shah

  9. hell this sherbaz resident of misger hunza.obviously misger is attraction point for tourest around the word due to fablous music, unique culture high mountain and deliouses dishes.i love misger and people tooooo.sherbaz islamabad

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