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No Diamir – Bhasha without rights – Join the cause



No Rights – No Dams

  • No Citizenship –
  • No Taxes
  • No Constitution –
  • No Patriotism


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One Comment

  1. I strongly support this cause, until and unless the rights of the people of the Northern Area in general and the people of diamar in particular are not reserved, the construction shouldn’t be started. as a human bieng and leaving in the 21st century our people should get all the rights of a respectable citizens of the country. our loyalty with the country and the secrifices of our Jawans of NLI during the wars of Siachan, Kargil and now in the swat operation and in the tribal areas are to be kept in mind. the people of the northern area should stand for their rights. the Northern Area strategicaly very important for Pakistan, therefore the governament of Pakistan should safeguard the rights of Northern Area. few points for you to understanding and action. 1. All the Government Jobs in Northern Area should be given to the Educated and jobless people of the area, 2. Compansation of the people of the land owners of Diamar Dam 3. 100% royalty of the Dam should be given to the Northern Area, 4. the Name to the Dam Should be Diamar Dam, 5. Army Selection and ISSB Centers to be established in the Northern Area and the youth should be given priority for the commission in the Pak Army, Navy and Air Force. 6. 95% jobs of the customs, FIA and other agencies must be given to the people of the Area, there are many other pionts but on top is the constitutional rights to the people of the Northern Area, i wish our people should wake up and stand for thier rights, there need to be unity among our people to support each other for such causes.

    Best regards and Ramadan – e – Karima Mubarak to all of you

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