[PT Election Cell] Questions for GBLA candidates from Hunza

by Brig (r) Hissamullah Baig

My vote to a candidate for the GBLA seat from Hunza will be based on his/her answers to the following questions:

a. Do you know the views of USA, UN, EU, India, China, Russia and GoP on the status of Gilgit – Baltistan? What are your views and how do you think you will go about implementing your views?

b. What is your knowledge on the current statutory and customary laws on Natural resources? What does the UN Universal Declaration on this topic contemplate? Are you aware of any localattempts and how will you go about ensuring the economic interests of present and coming generations?


c. What are the burning issues confronting Hunza today? Do you have a statistical analysis and how do you propose tackling them?

d. What is your vision for the Hunza society for the next 5 years, 10 yrs, 20 yrs and 50 years? What collective targets would you set and with what priority?

e. What is your commitment on the improvements of KKH and proposed energy corridor/railway line? What are the reasons for the slowdown? What would you do to overcome the slowdown that you see?

What questions would you ask before voting for a candidate?

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  1. Dear sir you seem to have a very good comprehension of all issue and you also have a public stature, so why asking questions? why don’t you participate in Elections??/

    1. Dear Adil Jan,

      I feel it is more important to attempt to change mindsets than taking part in elections. In my present attempts the vision for future and how to attain is contained on the HDF page. I would love to see every “Concerned HUNZUKUTZ” participate through the manner suggested theirin.

  2. Dear Brig, The questions you have posed here are well thought and seems quite relevent. But could you tell me why are you asking these questions from a public leader. A public leader needs not to be a book worm to assimilate well written aritcles which supposedly you have gone through that refelects from your questions cited above. A visionary leader pave ways for a change and to address the kind of questions you asked, great leaders keep advisors and workers to take care of tactical level things. Read Ghandhi for such exmples.

    1. My Dear Dilpazeer Khan and others

      I have a dream for Hunza; some of my friends term it akin to “UTOPIA”. This dream aims at Hunza soceity to be a model for the country to follow. This is possible as we have a very clear guidance on the elements for such a situation – a strong “Civil Soceity” based on “MERIT”, “DEMOCRACY” and “PLURALISM” and above all a sipirit of self help. A visualisation to achieve has been placed for your consideration on the website:
      Please go through the same and be a part of this attempt.

  3. Most the questions are national policy level subjects and beyond the scope of a leader from a one constituency of GBLA. Even I suppose, the Assembly of GB will not be in a position to discuss the matters in relation to railway track and widening of KKH.

  4. wastage of time of GB contesting memebers.Today my view came to reality that army persons only knew about of luck members, u don’t need certificates from Army persons.they are our security guards and keep themselves security persons not Politicians to discuss about politics.

  5. Respected Sir,

    Well thought and extremely relevant questions. I am pretty sure even the people who commented on this didn’t understand half of the questions. These readers are forgetting that the last chief executive of NAs was from Gilgit and even now there is probability that the cheif minister can be from Hunza. On one hand we are asking for more sovereignty from the federation and on the other hand, the burning issues of GB, i.e. the natural resources, the KKH/gas pipeline/ Railway project etc. are being marked as unrelated to these elections.

    Hunza with a literacy rate of almost 100% will probably be sending members to GBLA who wouldn’t even be able to read these question, leave alone replying to these.

    People of Hunza think that compared to old members of GBLA who didn’t even do a single thing for their own constituency, a new candidate would be better if a constructs a single road or adds a teacher to a school. We have to realise that if we don’t act now then these opportunities like KKH, gas pipeline, railroad will never be there and we will be robbed of our valuable minerals and natural resources if we keep having a narrow minded approach which is merely based on family and tribe politics.

    1. DAMNEDREDEEMER se itifaaq karta huun.
      magar kya he nana Hisam ki ham bhainsu k aagay been baja rahen hain!

  6. Dear Brig,
    With reference to your questions you must have met all candidates or have some knowledge about candidates through your reliable means as it is your moral and social duty to vote for the best candidate (measuring w.r.t. your questions). I appreciate your standards and request you to recommend the best candidate for vote. If you feel awkward to recommend openly, Please send to my email
    I would like to give vote to a candidate on bases of these simple measures:
    1. His education and qualification (That doesn’t mean western style education)
    2. His past character. (Not present, because all candidates tend to be good during election campaign)
    3. His platform (Let’s make sure his party has appreciable history of efforts to address all promised issues PLUS his party is not a corrupt party, corruption in any form)
    4. What tended him to enter election and why he thinks that he is the best candidate.
    6. What his response and reaction will be if Government of Pakistan officially announces that Gilgit Baltistan is a part of Kashmir, surrendering to International misconception. What he will choose if the government asks him to accept that Gilgit Baltistan is a part of Kashmir in return for two seats for Hunza in GBLA, three international standard universities in Hunza, free education in English medium upto 12 classes, assurance of cultural security, and many more.
    However I couldn’t finalize a candidate so for. Help me.

    1. Dear Yasir

      My aim was to elicit the type of questions that you have come up. I appreciate you for this response. At the same time I would request you to visit following two sites, study the visions and concepts that are meant to give direction/solutions to the present and future generations. Weight these ideas against dictates of your conscience and see if you would like to be part of actions that are suggested.

  7. Respected Brig. Sab
    I m the son of one candidate from PML (Q) from Hunza and i m impressed with ur questions. Plz. allow me to answer the questions as it is not too late.

    a. Yes we do know the intensions of the above said 6 super powers in GB. It is not only GB but the new great game starts from Gawadar to khunjerab throughout this energy corridor.
    Unity of Hunzukuz and awarness to current international political developments related to GB and establishment of intellectual plateforms from local defence experts, economical experts, political figures who would propose solutions to counter the upcoming troubles where international powers may play games locally.

    b.GB is enriched with natural resources and i have read some articles you sent to high official. We need experts with knowledge on natural resources who would advise to invest and create oppurtunites for the employement of locals. We can benefit from natural resources alot if we invest properly

    c. the burning issues in Hunza are drugs, unemployment, proper health care, lack of leadership to unite the nation, lack of an intellectual forum or an advisory counsil, etc. etc.

    d. In next five years we should invest on natural resources, Build cold storages to preserve vegetable and fruits, generate electricity and lift water for irrigation from Hunza river by building small dams. invest the funds on health and education.

    e. We should push the Govt. to speed up the work on KKH and pay compensation in time. We should raise our voice to pressure the current Govt. to start another two projects i.e Railway Track and Pipe line ASAP. We should usurp the jobs on these projects otherwise we the Hunzukuz may end up collecting garbage and empty bottles on these stations. The reasons for the slow down is the current Govt. who has shortened the original width of KKH
    If General Musharaf was still our president then both projects were already in progress.

    1. Dear Farhad,

      My aim was to elicit more thought provoking questions. You have come up with such questions and I appreciate. Furthermore I would request you to visit following two sites, study the visions and concepts that are meant to give direction/solutions to the present and future generations. Weight these ideas against dictates of your conscience and see if you would like to be part of actions that are suggested.

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