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Wazir Baig meets, thanks, voters in parts of Gojal valley

by Zeeshan Ali

Gulmit, November 30: The recently elected political representative of Hunza valley, Wazir Baig, paid a visit to Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussaini villages of Gojal valley, to thank his voters and listen to their demands and expectations.

He told different gatherings that after formation of the GBLA cabinet, in the first week of December, he would embark on a comprehensive tour of Hunza valley, to meet people of the valley and listen to their demands and expectations.

Speaking at a gathering in Gulmit he said that Mr Mutabiat Shah is PPP’s choice for the position of technocrat. He also said that a third representative from Hunza valley would be selected on the reserved seats for women.

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  1. Hopefully this won’t be a one time thingy only. Politicians should be grateful to people who voted for them.

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  2. Thanks for Wazir Baig to visiting the Gojal valley and this is also a very great news that the deserving person for the technocrat seat from Hunza is uncle Mutabiat Shah and I strongly appreciate and request for him that he should accept the party request and became a intellectual leader in the GB cabinet.

    Ali Aman Gojali

  3. Indeed it is a good sign of our elected representative to thank his voters,which will ultimately give them a better hope of fulfilling their demands as made to them.I suppose Mr.Wazir Baig is a true leader and will retain the confidence of his supporters as reposed in him.
    Further i request the leaders at villages level to cooperate with him for the development activites and from time to time remind him of his duties to the people of the area.We have elected him and we should support him at every forum so that he succeeds in his mission of development and leading of the area.

    Sher Khan

  4. Good initiative to thank the people of gojal who voted for him. It would b great if PPP selects a women from Gojal as well as they r more literate compared to other parts of Hunza. Plus he should ask the previous women candidate Ms Attiqa about the public funds she spent inside her palace. Accountability is a must concern. Not a single penny from women’s fund has been spent in the interest of general public in past.

  5. Congratulation to Mr.wazir baig as once again you r selected in the election, we hope that you will fulfilled your promises of 2(two seats) for Hunza valley and other development works, It is nice to see that you visited the area of gojal and listen their issues facing by people of Gojal. In gojal the (2nd) second village according to most population is Shishkat, i must said you should also visit to this area and listen to their problems we know that you got less votes from this village but that doesn’t mean that their isn’t any supporter of PPP, I hope that you will visit all the areas where your supporter are and prove your self as a good leader.

  6. On 30 November 2009 Mr. Wazir Baig new elected representative of Hunza visited Ghulkin. He thanked their cooperation and sympathy because it is the first time that PPP won election in Ghulkin. He also promised the villagers that he will work for the development of Ghulkin. It is challenge for the PPP to maintain his vote bank in this village because PML_N has done many developmental projects in this village it is honor to Wazir to that he defeated PML_N in Ghulkin now the ball is in the hand of Wazir to work more and more for this village to maintain his vote bank otherwise it will challenge for next election to win from this village. The second point is very important for this village is that one technocrat seat should be allocated for Gojal.

  7. I would like to thanks to wazir if he surface a new sit for gojal. From the population prespective we are lacking but from the literacy level we are far much better. As we observe that too many uneducated MNA’s are sitting inside the NA and yet not decided the price of a simple sugar.
    As , I mentioned that for running good adminsteration there is a need of good literate and well disciplined professionals not like the NA members.
    UNCLE Mutabiat Shah the deserving person for the technocrat seat and he has a lot of experince that how to make organizational policies effective.
    Finally , I would expext that wazir Baig will never forget the support of gojal

  8. We welcome Mutabiat Shah’s nomination for technocrat. It is good effort on the part of Wazir Baig to visit villages in Gojal to reciprocate their support. I found the comments by Firdous Jamal ridiculous when he demanded additional seat for gojal on the basis of illusion that literacy rate is much better in gojal and too many uneducated MNAs are in the GBLA. This is simply arrogance of educated class. We are the first or second generation in Hunza who got the opportunity to be educated. But our ancestors remained illiterate throughout history. But it does not mean that they did not have knowledge. It was their interaction with built in environment and society that helped developing viable governance and social structure, which we the so called literate people fail to do. Mr. Firdous Jamal I do not hope much from educated people with such a haughty attitude.
    Second, Firdous just passed a sweeping statement that too many uneducated MNAs are in GBLA. I think he is ignorant of facts. What I know about most of the current elected member is that they have formal education.
    Third, his jubilation on the nomination of Mutabiat Shah for technocrat forced him to write uncle with capital letters. We favor him not because of his family background but on merit basis. If family was that important then every Tom, Dick and Harry from his family, including Firdous, could have been nominated for the seat. So I request PT readers to keep personal, linguistic and regional affiliation at bay while discussion and taking decision about public issue. Flaunting once family, tribe and race as superior will only harm the candidate by making other people reactionary.

  9. Really it’s great news that PPPP has nominated Mr. Mutabiat Shah for technocrat seat.

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