Mutabiat Shah appointed as technocrat in GBLA

Gilgit, December 8: The Election Commission of Gilgit – Baltistan has confirmed nomination of Mr Mutabiat Shah as a Technocrat of PPP in Gilgit -Baltistan Legislative Assembly. His appointment on the technocrat seat is being seen a landmark achievement for the Wakhi speaking populace of Gilgit – Baltistan, as he is the first Wakhi speaking legislator of the region.

Mutabiat Shah has devoted three and half decades of his life for development of communities across Gilgit – Baltistan. He is an expert of finance, with a special focus on micro finance and organizational development.

Pamir Times will publish the profile of Mr Mutabiat Shah for interest of its readers, later today.

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  1. Congratulation to uncle Mutabiat Shah for his appointment in GBLA. all the best and we hope you will utilize all your experience for the benefits of GB.



  2. PPP again rewarded us and proved that it is a party of marginalised and poor segment of the society. The appointment of Mutabiat Shah is the fruit of the struggle of the people of Gojal -Hunza against the oppression of Mirdon. His father and whole family were part of this struggle. This should open the eyes of all those who still not accept the services of Shaheed Bhutto for the region. I appeal to all educated people to join hands with Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah for the equitable and sustainable development of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Thank you Wazir Baig and PPP Hunza.

    Jea Bhutto

  3. The people of Gojal are proud of Mutabiat Shah and we congratulate him for being the first Wakhi & Gojali to be part of GBLA.
    many many congratulations to Mutabiat Shah Sahib.

    Ali Anwar

  4. I congratulate the people of Gojal for selecting Mutabiat Shah Saab as a Technocrat in Gilgit -Baltistan Legislative Assembly. We feel this is landmark decision for the Gojali people as they have got an educated and prominent person fully qualifies for the Technocrat Seat in the Legislative Assembly and we hope he will resolve our problems in term of health, education, government jobs and other problems facing our people since last many decades.

    I personally congratulate Mutabiat Saab and will pray from almighty Allah to give him strength to represent us in the Legislative Assembly in proper manner.

    Na Bickne Wala Gojali
    Na Jockne Wala Gojali

    Didar Karim (Baig)
    Defence Karachi

  5. Many many congratulations to Mutabiat sb.

    Hope he will serve the region with the same spirite as he worked with AKDN.

    All the success!


  6. we the people of Gojal are proud of Mutabiat Shah Sahib and we congratulate him for being the first Gojali to be part of GBLA.
    many many congratulations to Mutabiat Shah Sahib and hope that he will utlize his experienc for the development of the area.


    Karim Jan & family

  7. its indeed a landmark of Mr.Mutabiat, the region and youth expects more from him to endorse the basic rights for a smooth development and betterment .
    i express my gratitude and Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations to Mr Mutabiat, the people of Hunza valley and the Pakistan Peoples Party for supporting a cause of inclusive growth on the political front.

    It is not just a victory for Mr Mutabiat Shah and the people of Gojal, or only the Wakhi speaking people, instead it is a moment of joy and happiness for people of entire Hunza valley.

    Mr Shah deserved the seat.

    Jiye Democracy
    Long Live Brother and Sisterhood


  9. Well deserved and well justified. Thanks to PPP for giving the right to the right place. It is an event long awaited by the people of upper Hunza.
    I congratulate the people and Mr. Mutabiat Shah for the historic achivement.
    God bless you

  10. Right choice for the right place @ the right time the people of the entire valley expect their rights in the right style as well

    Well deserve Mr Shah Sab best of luck for thefuture endeavor

    Piyar Ali

  11. While I congratulate Mr. Mutabiat Shah and our brothers and sisters of Hunza yet I seem to smell the feeling of small minds in most excited messages here. Although I am also Wakhi speaking Gojali I must feel happy as a man from Hunza as this Technocrat’s seat was given to Hunza and PPP Hunza jointly agreed and recommended his name considering the feeling of majority people of Hunza and we didn’t snatch it from anyone. We must also understand it was Wazir baig and the leaders in Islamabad who made considerable efforts to get the seat as there were so many other GBLA members who were also pushing for it despite the announcements made by the federal ministers. This is time when People of Hunza should come up a strong nation like the Nagar people are and mature as we grow into a District now. We should be aware and cautious about those who try to divide us as a special people across the Valley. We are proud to be from Hunza.

    I must also add here and remind those who call Mutabiat the first from Gujal they are wrong. The first was the son of the soil who was born 80 km deep inside of Gujal who was the first to bring the change and opened the doors for Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah and every son of the soil to rule the Valley.
    Nobody can tarnish history by forgetting the most important historical event on the land of Hunza when Nazir Sabir defeated the so called ruling family in the 900 years. We should be thankful for his challenging it and making it possible for us all to follow his steps. Thank you Nazir Sabir and we will remain always indebted to your courage and struggle for ever!

  12. Congrats and best of luck Mutabiat Sahib….. We just not hope but believe that you are the best person for the job… May you live long and serve your nation as you are, for the last three decades…

  13. Congratulations to the people of Hunza valley and uncle Mutabiat Shah .we are proud of you God bless you.


  14. Many many warm congratulations to Uncle Mutabiat Shah sahib and his family, I wish him all the best for his new assignment and expect much more from him for development of our area. Cheers

    Almaty KZ

  15. Dear Uncle Mutabiat Shah,
    It is really a moment of great happiness for all of us as one of the credible and qualified person fully equipped for the desired task has finally been nominated.
    It shows that our dreams are coming true and things are moving in the right direction with some very sound and concrete based prospects.
    We need to have the involvement of our well qualified and experienced people who could direct the mass in a better way keeping in view the pertinence of the situation and requirements of the time.

    It is a very constructive approach as professionals and qualified individuals are becoming part of the system that needs a great change at the earliest for better future prospects.

    I would like to congratulate Mutabiat Shah Sahab for his appointment as a tecnocrat in GBLA.
    At the same time we would expect you to resolve the various issues persistent for decades relating to the various parameters of the day to day life of the people of Gojal Hunza.

    I wish you all the very best for the new assignment.

    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  16. Nazir Sabir has once again win the trust of Gojal people for his straggle congratulation to Mutabiat shah & Wazir sb keep it up now we want change in the region.

    Didar A Hunzai

  17. Congratulation to Mutabiyat Shah Sb. Hope will come through the expectation of the people of Hunza. many many congrats

  18. Dear Gojali brothers n sisters
    Don’t separate urself from Hunza. U r the part of Hunza. We appreciate Mutabiyat’s selection as technocrate. Trust he will utilize all his energies for the development of Hunza.
    GA Awam
    GA Hunza

  19. I also salute Mr Nazir Sabir the hero who came from a small and isolated village of Chipurson Gojal who challenged the authority ruled Hunza for centuries.

    Gojal is not just part of Hunza but the backbone of Hunza as it gives the geo-strategic importance and the large geographic span for the valley.

    Long Live Hunza
    Jiya Pakistan
    Jiya Bhutto

  20. I congratulate uncle Mutabiat for becoming a technocrat member of GB Legislative assembly. I am sure he will do very well in his new role and bring much need professionalism to the proceeding of the assembly. He is definitely much more accomplished in the art and science of articulation than many of his colleagues and will communicate effectively and assertively with the national and international media, the establishment and politician in the federal government. His vast experience in management will be an asset while dealing with the inefficiencies in government department and lax attitude of government officials. All in all he is an ideal technocrat and will enhance the clout and reputation of the assembly.

  21. My heartiest congratulation to brother Mutabiat Shah for selection as Technocrat in GBLA and pray to Allah for your success

  22. Congratulations to Uncle Mutabiyat for being selected as technocrat, we hope that he will come through the expectations of the people of Hunza.
    Jiye Bhutto
    Jiye awam
    jiye Gojalizzzz

  23. Many congratulations to Mutabiat shah saheb for this great achievement. It is a great honor for him as he is a self made person with lots of qualities and ofcourse vast experience in field of development.

    I would rather give the credit to education that has started bringing revolution in that part of Hunza where people were not considered eligible to be part of the mainstream politics or any walk of life with few exception e.g. Mr. Nazir Sabir who came to the erena and did a good job for the area. Now things are changing and I really appreciate that Mr. Wazir Baig has realized the fact that the votes from Gojal played a key role in his success.

    All my best wishes and regards to Mr. Shah for his success in this overwhleming assignment yet rewarding for the entire region.

    Best regards,
    Sultan Ahmed

  24. congratulations to Mr. Mutabiat Shah sahab for achieving such a landmark success. i’m sure he ll work for the benefit of GB. not only Vakhi but every singal citizen of GB are looking towards him. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES to him.

  25. First Congrates to Wazir Baig and Nazir Sabir, who made tireless efforts to bring this techno seat to Hunza and ultimately Congrates to Mr. Mutabiat Shah for his selection as GB member and we hope he will cater all his energies in the development of Hunza.
    Secondly, i would like to discourage the phrases of ” first wakhi or first gojali,,,etc” being used in aforesaid messages, which indicates small minds gestures, while the fact is there is One Hunza and Gojal is an integral part of Hunza,, Ultimately he is son of Hunza, ,,,,,,,The more important thing is being One Hunza we must continue our efforts to bring a Permanent another seat for Hunza.

  26. We would like to congratulate Mutabiat Shah Sahab for his appointment as a tecnocrat in GBLA. As it has been said “It is not just a victory for Mr Mutabiat Shah and the people of Gojal, or only the Wakhi speaking people, instead it is a moment of joy and happiness for people of entire Hunza valley” Our prayers are with you for your future success.

    Sajjad and Samina
    Riyadh. Saudi Arabia

  27. Many many congratulations to uncle Mutabiat and Jamil Ahmed for their sucess to join the GBLA. Hope you will utilize all your potential to develop GB and bring harmony and peace in the region. The newly established GBLA also needs your professional expertise to streamline itself.


  28. Dear uncle Mutabiat Shah
    I congratulate to you from my deepest filing of my heart and I hop you will done a memorable job for GB and you make a History between in Wakhi community to whom got a great leader ship in GBLA after a long set regal, so you got a good chance and a good time with is great experiences working for all Hunza development with Wazir Big, so enjoy your new task with is courage.
    Ali Aman Gojali

  29. congertulations to all the people of HUnza valley and many many congrats to Mr. Mutabiat Shah the proud of HUNZA valley

  30. Congratulation to Mr.Mutabiat shah and to whole Gojal valley for the technocrat seat of Hunza, It is our appeal to our selected candidate of technocrat seat to bring improvement in our region, use right way for the development of Hunza valley and make your self an example for others.
    ‘The most sacrificesing work is to helping others’, Best of luck.

  31. i congratulate uncle Mutabiat Shah. this is infact an honour for Gojal valley. I pray n wish him a successful political career.

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