Five men accused of killing Zubair arrested, BNF demands more

by Noor Akbar

Karachi, December 29: Ghizer police has arrested five people accused of killing 17 years old Zubair Ahmad. Those arrested include Muhammad Ali, Hasan Wali, Inayat and Sifat. Police is still reluctant to arrest Pakistan Peoples Party’s Pir Karam Ali Shah and Ghulam Muhammad, accused by BNF of killing an activist and inciting violence  at  Sher Qilla polling station.

Arrests have been made, after the newly formed Ghizer Grand Jirga demanded immediate arrests of the accused. The jirga had warned the administration of more protests if due attention was not paid to peace efforts.

A delegation of the grand jirga met Pir Karam Ali Shah on sunday at his residence in Chatorkhand, Ishkomen. According to sources, no major break through was made in the meeting.

The delegation will meet Pir Karam Ali Shah again tommorrow at his residence to persuade him to help normalize tense situation in Ghizer district after riots erupted at Sher Qilla poling station.

A delegation of Ismaili Regional Council, Ghizer met Nawaz Khan Naji today in Sher Qila. The delegation requested Naji to adopt peaceful course of action in resolving the political turmoil in the district, instead of resorting to violent protests.

Requests made by the delegation were rejected straight away by Nawaz Khan Naji.

“The delegation was told that our protest is peaceful and will continue untill the arrest of main accused and re-polling at Sher Qilla polling stations”, the information secretary of BNF- Ghizar, Ali Madad said.

“We demand the arrest of Pir Karam Ali Shah and Ghulam Muhammad along with the other accused and, of course, re-polling at four polling stations in Sher Qilla”, Nawaz Khan Naji said while talking to the this scribe on phone.

He further said, ”We will wait for two more days as requested by the grand jirga. After two days if our demands are not met, we will be compelled to protest from where they were paused”.

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  1. Mr. Pir Karam Ali Shah is totally responsible for this incident.
    Government must take action on this matter.
    But the doubtful thing is that Mr. Pir Karam Ali Shah is belonging to Pakistan Peoples Party so why should Government take action against him.
    We request the Govt please take action against Pir Karam Ali Shah, we want peace in our region.

  2. we know what happened in general elections in Gilgit Baltistan. govrnment rigged elections. we can not trust ppp government. there should be an independent inquery not only in sheer qila but all GB.

  3. yes of course ppp is responsible for the mishap occured in my village as well in other parts of the region,,,, we condmend the so called election….

    we all are with Naji
    Jiye Naji
    Jiye BNF
    Jiye Zubair Shaheed…..

  4. We want change of thought, strategy and policies in our region instead of a Dictator Pir Karam Ali Shah who ruled around 40 years on us and did nothing in our region.

    It is true that when a farmer cultivate one crop every year than the yield decreases every year if you change the crop every year than the yield increases so this philosophy also applies in human developmental organizations.

    When The ppp seen their defeat in recent election they created panic, unrest and disturbance during election and killed an innocent activist of BNF named Zubair.

    We request the re-election through Human Rights Commission in 4 points as indicated BNF leader and the culprits would not be allowed in election contest.

    We request to people of Sherqila along with the BNF leader to tackle this situation wisely instead of emotional way and not surrender till the culprits not been punished.

    From Ishkoman Valley

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