Flooding in Hanisara River, Gilgit

Several houses, government buildings and road under water

A satellite image showing location of the Hanisara River

by Ali Sarwar and Abbas Wafa

Gilgit, July 29: Due to heavy rains level of water in the Hanisara River has increased drastically, flooding over flowing the banks and damaging tens of houses in Basin and other low laying areas of Gilgit city. No casualty has been reported, however.

Crop fields, roads and government building have also come under water due to the worst flooding in Hanisara since 2005.

The heavy downpour still continues in Gilgit city and surrounding areas.

Tens of families have left their houses and moved to safer locations due to the recent floods.

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  1. its very shocking news fr all of us.
    we are right now here in Abbottabad and our Semester Exams have been just ended and now we are planing to leave fr our beloved mother land….
    suddenly a flood hits our beloved city….May All Mighty Allah Protect properties and lives of our citizens from this natural disaster.

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