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Intense firing, arson and unrest in Gilgit

Gilgit City is the narrow green land between the brown mountains towards left. The green area opposite the Hunza River is Danyore,a relatively calm region

Curfew imposed in violence hit localities of Gilgit city

Law enforcing agencies launch search operation

With reporting by Abbas Wafa

Gilgit,  August 25: Violence continued in the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan region on the second consecutive day, bringing life to a complete standstll. The civil administration could not control the situation and had to imposed curfew in Nagaral, Yadgar Chowk and Kashrote area to restore law and order situation with the help of Pakistan Army and Rangers.

The law enforcing agencies with support from Pakistan Army have started search operations in different parts of the city to nab the culprits who  have made the city a hostage to violence.

According to details heavy firing started in different parts of the city after a vehicle was attacked near Yadgar Chowk. Three houses were, reportedly, razed by arsonists in Nagaral and Yadgar Chowk area, prompting the authorities to impose curfew and launch a search operation.

The city has a history of sectarian violence dating back to the early 70’s. Sectarian violence intensified in the region after an organized attack in 1988 which saw the death of hundreds of people belonging to the Shia and Sunni sects. Several Ismailis have also been killed during different incidents in the past.

It is pertinent to note that the total geographical expanse of Gilgit city is not more than 10 square kilometers but the law enforcing agencies have constantly failed to maintain law and order in the region.

In a decision taken yesterday the interior minister, Rehman Malik, had handed over control of the Ranger and Police to Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan to ensure law and order in the region.

3 thoughts on “Intense firing, arson and unrest in Gilgit

  1. Gilgit, the capital of GB is also known for sectarian clangs. imposing curfew is not a healthy solution to overcome the ongoing violence. the only way out is that the leaders of both the groups should settle down and try to resolve the wrangle. these sectarian clashes are giving a worse effect to our region. government should take some healthy steps to nab the culprits and ensure the safety of innocent lives.

  2. What is the need of maintaining our so called civil administration who are unable to control a tiny city like Gilgit which spans a radios of only 7-10 square kilometers.

    Why every time Army has to come and stop all these incidences while the civil administration also know who is doing what, but ignoring and letting the situation deteriorate will fully because sectarianism is in their blood. They think, speak, hear, judge, do business and deal on the sectarian lines and protect their brothers in faith.

    The sectarian divide created by these religious clerics is so deep-rooted that it can ignite at any time and at any issue. This is also the largest menus of the people of Gilgit and these people can never progress and prosper.

    It seems that shooting and killing is some sort of sports and fun for them and will never stop it. As far as I have experienced, they practice it most of the time when they are really sad or extremely happy. What a people and what a leadership, Maasha Allah!

  3. what is shia n suuni can any one explain to me?i think both r muslims then why they are fighting like animals.

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