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[Obituary] Khalifa Tairan Ali passed away in Passu

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Passu, November 4: Khalifa Tairan Ali of Passu village passed away the other day after some days of ailment. He was believed to be around 100 year old. He was laid to rest in his native village on Tuesday.

Khalifa Tairan was a prominent social worker. His wisdom and rich experience of life will always be missed.

22 thoughts on “[Obituary] Khalifa Tairan Ali passed away in Passu

  1. Yesterday we had Duha at Mulla Wali’s home . Khalifa Tairan Ali was uncle of Mr. Subhan Ali and is currently in Islamabad. Indeed Tairan ali had years of community services but he was ill for the past coupple of years.

    We do pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace. Our condolances to his family members including Ms Nasihat Bakhat; Farman Ali, Rehman Ali, Daughters, Goda Ali, Haider Ali, Suja Ali, Ahmad Jami, and all grand childrens including Mulla Wali; Farman Ali; Yasmeen; Iftikhar; Ms Neleem and Beg who are currently in Islamabad.
    Darjat and Momo

  2. May Allah Taala bless his soul with eternal peace and give the courage to his relatives to bear this loss.(Aameen)

  3. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon. .
    May God rest grandfather’s soul in eternal peace. .(Ameen)

  4. He was one of the active members in the community. His services will be remembered for ever. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. .(Ameen). Our condolences to his all family members
    Sajjad and Samina
    Riyadh- KSA

    May God Bless His Soul With Eternal Peace.

  6. Inna Alillahi wa Inna Ilaihi rajioon.
    My heartfelt condolence to all the family members of the deceased soul with humble prayers for the eternal peace to the soul and patience to the entire family.

    Sultan Ahmed

  7. May God rest his soul in eternal peace
    Our heartfel condolences to the bereaved family whereever they live.
    Amin Beg and Shamshad

  8. Inna Alillahi wa Inna Ilaihi rajioon.
    May Allah rest grandfather’s soul in eternal peace.Ameen

  9. Inna Lillha he wa ina ilaihi rajioun.!!!!
    Allah taala unhay apnay jawaar-e -rehmat mai jaga daai, or ghum zada khandaan ko sabbr ata hun……

    PAri, Asif, Parveen Baji, ifikhar bhai, farzand n whoever their relatives know me……

  10. The news about the sad demise of Khalif Tairan Ali was shocking his remarkable community service will remind for long time to come.
    the gap left behind by deceased is difficult to be filled. I pray Allah mighty may the departed soul rest in peace. I Express my heart-felt condolences to His entire family.
    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia

  11. May God, bless his soul with peace and may give patience to his entire family members and relatives (Ameen).

    Thanks Darjat Bhai for explanation of relationships. It was helpful.



    It is indeed very sad news we pray may Allah Almighty give the soul of our beloved poop in eternal peace and give patience to the bereaved family.
    our condolance to all family members.
    Ali Masud & Family

    May almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give patience to deceased family member to bear this irreparable loss. I salute to his contribution to our people.

    On behalf of Mr subhan Ali Sakhi and other family members we thanx all the people for showing thier condolance to the breaved family..
    may ALLAH rest his soul in eternal peace…
    Pervaiz Ali Sakhi
    Capt.Atif Sakhi
    Kashif Sakhi
    Shahid Ali Sakhi
    Ilyas Khan Sakhi

  15. Passu will remember Mukhi sahib’s khidmat to jamat and Moula for long time.Ourcondolence to all the family members of the decased soul may Moula rest his soul with eternal peace.

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