Hunza – Nagar district headquarter, 3 options finalized

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Gilgit, June 22: A GBLA mandated committee has proposed three locations in Nagar Valley for establishment of the Hunza – Nagar district headquarter. The proposal has been sent to CM secretariat for approval and notification.

According to details, Shayar, Asqurdas and Sumayar have been proposed as suitable locations for establishment of the district headquarter. These locations are most suitable for the people of Central and some parts of lower Hunza, as well as the people of Nagar – I. The residents of Gojal Valley in Hunza and Nagar – II are going to benefit less from the proposed locations.

Representative from Nagar – II, Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar, has opposed the proposal. However, there seems to be a general consensus among the other three GBLA members, Speaker Wazir Baig, Mirza Hussain and technocrat Mutabiat Shah.

A committee of the public representatives had visited different locations in the newly formed district to find suitable place for the head quarter.

Muhammad Ali Akhtar has said that the district headquarter should be ideally established at Harespo Das, in front of Chalt. However, other members of the committee have said that such an act is likely to benefit only a small chunk of the district’s total population.

According to a media report government officials had termed Aliabad and Karimabad to be favorite places for establishment of the head quarter. However, due to lack of land these two locations may not be highly feasible.

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