Video – Making a Model School in Hunza


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  1. Indeed, hats-off to the great lady, who has initiated a great project for the establishment of model school in HUnza….

  2. The video was very moving!May this effort of building a school would bring lot of good to our beloved GB.

    Wajahat Ali

  3. In deed leaza was the greatest lady I ever meet. We were together in Hunza for more than six months and I gathered very nice and lovely memories. I always feel pleasure when I recall these memories and become very sad when I feel she is not with us.
    Helping in education was the motto of Dr. Leaza, she was Phd. in microbiology and she also helped people in medicine and health care too. Her mother’s interest to promote the dreams of Leaza is unmatchable and it can always be remember by the people of Hunza. A great child always has a great mother. I respect her mother and family allots for their generosity to fulfill such a wonderful cause of her lovely daughter. I got an opportunity to talk her once on phone but unfortunately I do not find any opportunity to meet this great mother.
    God bless Leaza’s soul in the eternal peace.

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